The former sports director of Granada admits that he hears “rumors” about amaos – La Provincia

Juan Carlos Cordero, sports director of Pomegranate from 2009 to 2016, he has affirmed in the trial of the case Osasuna that at the end of the 2013/2014 season “there was talk of hypotheses, of rumors, of possibilities” in relation to possible threats and has ensured that if he had had “direct information” about events of this type he would have communicated it to the president of his club.

Cordero, who has testified as witness, has indicated that, “at the end of the season, many years in the teams that are involved in the fight of the descent, in the area of ​​players, changing rooms, where fear really is, why not you can have a job, an environment is generated, true or not, in which everyone tries to say things to stay calmer and make their nerves come out. ” “The players throw comments, rumors“, has said.

Thus, he pointed out that it was commented that we had to “be careful” because the Betis could come down to the last day of the League, in which he would face Osasuna, rival of Pomegranate For the permanence. In that sense, he recalled that he had a conversation with the then president of the PomegranateEnrique Pina, who commented among the players that “we had to be careful, that the Betis nothing was played and that Osasuna could move. “Lamb has pointed out that the rumorology about possible damage was similar to the previous seasons.

Enrique Pina said in the trial of the Osasuna case that at that time he transferred information to the president of the League, Javier Thebes, that the Navarrese club could be moving for possible damage claiming that the information came from its sports director.

The Getafe delegate did not know him

On the other hand, Jesús Mantilla Gutiérrez, Getafe team and field delegate in the seasons 2012/2013 and 2013/2014, has affirmed in the trial of the Osasuna case that he has no knowledge of possible matchmaking and that on one occasion the then Osasuna manager, Angel Vizcay, asked if the Getafe had received an amount to lose against Osasuna in Pamplona. “I replied that I had no knowledge of those things,” Mantilla said in his statement as a witness.

“That question was asked by Vizcay in the changing room tunnel one day we went to play El Sadar. I was surprised by that question“, he said. In any case, he has said that he has no way of knowing if the players have received an amount to agree on the outcome of a match.” If someone told me something like that I would put it in my knowledge President, but it hasn’t happened to me until now. I am not the most adequate to know that or for the players to turn to me to say this or that. The delegates are only to meet the needs of the players, “he said.

Jesus Mantilla He said that Vizcay’s concept “is very positive, I had my doubts about the credibility or not of that.” “The image I have is of a serious and responsible person,” he said.

The Betis usher did not speak

He has also testified as a witness José Manuel Acuña, Betis utillero in the seasons 2012/2013 and 2013/2014. Acuña said that he had no contacts with people from the Board of Directors of Osasuna or the then manager, Ángel Vizcay, about whom he said he does not know him “you’re welcome.”

The utillero has indicated that Jordi Figueras and Antonio Amaya, accused in the trial, were two more players in the squad.


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