The former security chief of Iberdrola declares today about the Villarejo case

The judge of the Villarejo case, Manuel García Castellón, interrogates the former security chief of Iberdrola Antonio Asenjo on Monday as part of the investigation into the alleged hiring of the ex-commissioner for alleged espionage work at ACS, owned by Florentino Pérez.

Asenjo is summoned at 12 noon at the National Court, where he must testify as an investigator for bribery crimes and revelation of secrets in part 17 of the Tandem case, which remains under summary secret.

The magistrate planned to summon him last November, although he finally postponed it because Asenjo, who was chief of security for the multinational for about two decades, was convalescent of an operation.

García Castellón took a statement a few weeks ago as a witness to José Antonio del Olmo, former head of Corporate Control of Iberdrola, and allegedly the author of an alleged internal report - of which the power company has no record - in which the direction of ordering espionage is allegedly accused and use false invoices, made by which Iberdrola asked the Prosecutor to open proceedings against him.

Iberdrola acknowledged that two internal investigations, opened in November 2018 and July 2019, concluded that Villarejo was hired between 2004 and 2017 for 17 services of ordinary type and those of the Corporate Security Directorate, and that in the process of hiring and All internal controls and procedures of the energy company had been correctly applied.

In mid-October, Iberdrola announced that it had decided to open a "new and exhaustive" internal investigation to try to clarify the veracity of the latest information published on Villarejo and if the company's code of ethics had been breached.


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