August 5, 2020

The former Prime Minister presents a program to "get Algeria out of the emergency"

The squeezing Algerian minister Ali Benflis, one of the five candidates admitted for the presidential elections on 12 December in Algeria, began his electoral campaign today with the presentation of a government program aimed at "getting the country out of the emergency in which it's found".

Benflis, 75, who already chose the presidency in the 2014 elections, in which he denounced an adjustment in favor of the resigned Abdelaziz Bouteflika, summoned the media just 24 hours after the competent authority dismissed the resources presented and confirmed the only five nominations approved, none of them linked to the popular protest movement (Hirak) that has shaken Algeria for eight months.

"It is an emergency electoral program whose sole objective is to get the country out of the current crisis. It is the shortest program of all applicants. It is the least risky for the future of the country, it can be applied immediately," he said.

"This moment is to assume responsibilities … My program is of a man who believes in democracy, the rule of law and the law, and who has not waited until February to rebel against the system," he said.

A phrase the latter with which Benflis, who was prime minister at the time of Bouteflika, wanted to claim his years in the authorized opposition and his distance with the popular movement that since last February 22 goes massively to the streets to demand the fall of the military regime that controls Algeria since the Independence of France in 1962.

Benflis established three priorities: to respond to the aspirations of the peaceful revolution of February 22, find a consensual and balanced solution within the system and cut ties with the corrupt by establishing credible and representative institutions.

Algeria suffers a "political, economic and social catastrophe," said the leader of "Talaie Huriet" (Vanguard of Liberties).

Benflis is the second candidate to present his program after Saturday was also done by former Prime Minister Abdel Madjid Tebboune, who led the government for just three months in 2017, with Bouteflika still in the presidency.

Under the slogan "committed to change, capable of carrying it out", it includes a "broad revision of the Constitution, a reform of the electoral law, a strengthening of good governance through a restructuring of politics and the implementation of mechanisms that guarantee the integrity of public officials. "

Together with the two former prime ministers, former presidents Azzedine Mihoubi and Abdelkader Bengrina and politician Abdelaziz Belaïd will compete for the presidency of Algeria, in a consultation that the Hirak has already warned will boycott.

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