October 27, 2020

The former president of Peru, Alejandro Toledo, pays the bail and leaves prison in the United States.

Relatives and friends of former President of Peru Alejandro Toledo, who ruled between 2001 and 2006, deposited this Friday the bail of $ 500,000 in cash required by the US judge to get out of prison at the risk of contracting the coronavirus, and this was in freedom.

Although the initial amount to get out of prison is only $ 500,000, the total amount of the bond is one million dollars, since the other half of the money will be contributed in real estate in the USA. by acquaintances of Toledo and that process can take several weeks.

According to court documents to which Efe had access, the bond was paid with the money contributed by the following people: Eliane Karp (Toledo’s wife) – $ 175.00; Martin Carnoy – $ 125,000; Andrea Neves – $ 100,000; Larry Diamond – $ 50,000; Eric Dredo – $ 50,000.

As for the real estate properties to be contributed in the coming weeks, both belong to friends from Toledo; one is located in Tacoma (Washington state, USA) and the other in New Jersey.

Toledo left the Maguire prison in San Mateo County (California, USA) late on Friday after he posted bail and the GPS tracking device was installed, and his jail awaited him outside the prison. wife, Eliane Karp, and two other people.

In an extraordinary hearing Thursday by telephone, Judge Thomas Hixson of the Northern District Court of California ordered that Toledo be released and immediately confined to his home in the San Francisco Bay Area (where there is an order of mandatory confinement due to coronavirus) with a GPS surveillance system.

Toledo is 74 years old and suffers from hypertension, for which reason his Defense ensures that he has a 6% chance of dying if he contracts COVID-19, significantly higher than the population average.

“The pandemic has changed Toledo’s ability to leave the United States and enter another country,” said Hixson, thus reducing the risk of flight previously argued that was used as a reason to deny him bail in 2019 and for the second time. in early March.

Hixson set the following conditions for release on bail: Toledo must be present physically or by phone at all future hearings that are held, all the passports he owns are withdrawn, he will not be able to drink excessive alcohol or drugs, and he must remain confined in his home except for medical needs, court appearances, and meetings with your attorney.

In addition, Karp also had to hand over to the authorities all the passports in his possession: one from Israel and the other from the United States.

Toledo is accused of having received up to $ 35 million from construction company Odebrecht in exchange for favoring the Brazilian company in its business in Peru when he was still president, and he has spent the last three years on the run from Peruvian Justice in the area of San Francisco Bay, in the USA


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