Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

The former president of Nissan Carlos Ghosn is arrested again

El expresidente de Nissan Carlos Ghosn queda detenido de nuevo

The former president of NNissan Motor Carlos Ghosn has been stopped again for another charge filed against him by the Tokyo prosecutor's office, reported the public television network NHK.

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The arrest came shortly after agents of the prosecution entered his house, amid versions that anticipated a new accusation against him.

NHK broadcast images of a truck entering the Tokyo prosecutor's office that appeared to have Ghosn inside, according to the public network.

He was arrested for the first time last November 19

The arrest was confirmed by sources of the prosecution to other local media.

According to the financial newspaper NikkeiIt was Ghosn himself who volunteered to go to the prosecutor's office, and there he was detained.

According to versions of the last hours, the new accusation is linked to a series of funds transferred by the presidency of Nissan and Renault, which was owned by Ghosn, to a distributor based in Oman.

Some of these funds, according to the Japanese and French press, were destined to the purchase of a yacht and to cover Ghosn's personal loans.

That would imply that the prosecution would raise a new court case against him for aggravated abuse of trust, which would join three other formal charges, one of them for having hidden from the millionaire authorities compensations agreed with Nissan Motor.

Ghosn was arrested for the first time on November 19, and was released on bail on March 6 last.

According to NHK, it is very rare in Japan for a person to be arrested again after being released on bail.

The new steps of the prosecution are known after Wednesday Ghosn announced that on April 11 would offer his first press conference after he was released on bail.

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