The former players of the Arandina accused of abuse: "Everything is a lie"

The former players of the Arandina accused of abuse: "Everything is a lie"

The ex-players of the Arandina Club de Fútbol Carlos Cuadrado 'Lucho', Víctor Rodríguez 'Viti' and Raúl Calvo, investigated as alleged perpetrators of a crime of continuous sexual assault committed against a minor, aged 15, have insisted today on their innocence, They have explained legal sources.

The three investigated have come before the Court number 1 of Aranda de Duero (Burgos), which deals with the case, before which they have refused to give evidence, after which one of them, Rodriguez, has told the media thate "Everything is a lie, and little by little the truth will be known in the face of judgment."

The three players have been released with precautionary measures since March. Almost three months have been in prison from which they left after paying each a bail of 6000 euros for the events that occurred on 24 November. When a minor allegedly alleged to have been forced by them after refusing to have sexual relations in this apartment in the Burgos town of Aranda de Duero that the three young people shared. They have acknowledged that they maintained relations with her but that they were consented.

Today after his statement, the next step is for the defense and the prosecution to present their writings thereafter, the Provincial Court of Burgos will set the trial date.


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