The former Minister of Employment Fátima Báñez receives a managerial salary as president of the CEOE Foundation

The former Minister of Employment Fátima Báñez has received a salary as "managerial staff" of the CEOE employer since July, when held the position of president of its foundation. This is confirmed by employer sources, after La Razón published that the remuneration of the former minister of the Government of Rajoy, responsible for the labor reform, amounts to 240,000 euros. From CEOE they deny to this medium that this is the remuneration of Báñez, although they do not reveal how much the former politician perceives. "A remuneration similar to that of management personnel", they respond, without offering either approximate figures of how much these positions earn.

Pablo Casado pulls Fatima Báñez to defend the labor reform after his signing by CEOE

Pablo Casado pulls Fatima Báñez to defend the labor reform after his signing by CEOE

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In the employer they deny the information from La RazónBut they argue that they are not going to disclose the salaries of their management personnel, just as it does not happen "in private companies," they point out. The news published by the conservative media collects that the remuneration that the ex-minister of Rajoy receives on behalf of CEOE is a cause for anger in some sectors of the employer's association.

The very signing of Fátima Báñez by the president of the employer's association, Antonio Garamendi, was already controversial and was delayed for months. Some voices of the business organization considered that its incorporation left the CEOE very ideologically marked. Báñez had announced that he left politics in March 2019, but the PP has continued to pull the former minister in her defense of the labor policy of the previous government.

After months of rumors, the CEOE leader signed the former minister in the midst of a pandemic, as responsible for the solidarity project 'Companies that help'But then one of the arguments highlighted by the employers was that Fátima Báñez would not get paid. "It will not have a salary from the CEOE", they explained then to this medium.

Three months after his incorporation, Garamendi appointed Báñez to the presidency of the CEOE Foundation, in July. At that time, the employer did not clarify if the former Minister of Employment would go on to collect a salary, although CEOE sources recognized that the until then president of the foundation, José María Lacasa, did have a payroll for the position.

Now the employer clears at least this issue: yes, the former Minister of Employment collects a payroll as "managerial staff" of the employer. Although the CEOE is silent on the amount. The only known remuneration is that of the president of the employer, 300,000 euros per year, plus another 50,000 in variable concepts. Antonio Garamendi stated in an interview in El País that the amount was "humble in a high-level business environment."

As reference, although outdated (2013), in the past the previous president of the CEOE, Juan Rosell, gave the data of the remuneration of the CEOE general secretary, of 250,000 euros per year. Then the position was occupied by José María Lacasa and it was the highest remuneration within the employer's association because the president did not receive a salary.

Even without precise data, everything indicates that Báñez's current salary far exceeds what she received as Minister of Employment, 71,424.12 euros plus three-year terms, in Rajoy's last term. Báñez, graduated in Law and in Economic and Business Sciences, also combines her position as president of the CEOE Foundation with the positions of independent director in the pharmaceutical Rovi and at Iberdrola.


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