The former manager of Osasuna admits payments to other teams - La Provincia

The former manager of Osasuna Ángel Vizcay said on Tuesday at the trial of the so-called Osasuna case that the club decided in the final part of the 2012-2013 season and the 2013-14 season to pay Getafe and at Betis why he let himself win against Osasuna and also pay Valladolid, Betis and Espanyol to prevail in their matches against direct rivals of Osasuna for salvation in First division.

Vizcay, to questions of the prosecutor, has affirmed that they were paid in 2013 150,000 euros to Real Valladolid for winning Deportivo, and another 150,000 euros to Betis to win Celta. "Both Celta and Deportivo were close qualifying rivals and those who played against them prevailed," he said.

In addition, he said that also in 2013 "there are another 400,000 euros that are given to Getafe to not win in Pamplona "and" there are another 400,000 euros in bonuses to players established between the board and the squad.

Ángel Vizcay has affirmed that "all those money destinations sand they spoke and decided on the Board of Directors of "Osasuna.

The former manager has said that at that time there was no money in the coffers of the club and explained that the then Purroy manager He said that a relative of his could make a loan for these payments.

The prosecutor has raised that real estate agents Albert Nolla and Cristina Valencia, also accused in this case, signed a 'received' for 900,000 euros, a document "manufactured to justify the exit of money from Osasuna" and, asked about this approach, Vizcay has said: "I understand that yes, but I did not participate in that accounting. " In addition, he has indicated that he did not know if Albert Nolla and Cristina Valencia were paid for having signed that receipt.

Regarding the 2013/2014 season, according to the former manager's account, the club decided to pay 400,000 euros to Betis to win against Valladolid and another 250,000 euros also to Betis to be allowed to win against Osasuna. He also agreed to pay another 250,000 euros to tie against Espanyol.

Ángel Vizcay has indicated that like the previous year, in a situation in which Osasuna was at risk of descent, "the Board of Directors also discussed what procedures to carry out and decided to do that "." In this Board were all managers, "he said.

The Board of Directors agreed that the efforts would be made by the then director Jesús Peralta, but that Vizcay himself accompanied him, because "there was some discomfort in certain managers due to the efforts made by Peralta" the previous year, according to the former manager. Specific, there were suspicions that the previous season the money did not reach its destination.

According to Vizcay's account, in the case of the parties that involved Betis, Peralta and Vizcay himself held a meeting in Madrid with the then Betis players Antonio Amaya and Xabier Torres, now indicted in this trial. The players, according to the former manager, asked for a million euross and Peralta and Vizcay said they could not reach that figure.

To pay the match Between Betis and Valladolid, Osasuna needed 400,000 euros which he did not have at that time. "It is said that there is no money and that you have to pay it. Finally, among several people of the club we put the money. 60,000 euros I put them, 60,000 euros the director of the Foundation -Diego Maquirriain-, 60,000 euros Peralta, and the rest contributes them our sponsor, which was Lacturale, "he said.

According to Vizcay, he didn't tell Maquirriain what the money was for, he simply told him it was "for the needs of the club". In the case of Lacturale, he was transferred that "the economy was bad, that we had to face some payments and to see if he could lend that money." The person in charge of taking the money to Seville was Diego Maquirriain. "This was decided by the president and vice president, Archanco and Pascual," he said.

In the case of Spanish, according to Vizcay, the former director Peralta had a contact in Barcelona and, through him, it was specified that the Espanyol players only agreed to agree on a draw. Peralta himself handed the money to this intermediary for the tie.

To pay Betis players another 250,000 euros for letting themselves win in Pamplona, ​​Vizcay has reported that he himself handed the money to Antonio Amaya

However, the results did not accompany Osasuna on the penultimate day and not on the last day, and finally the club descended.


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