Sun. Apr 21st, 2019

The former Lluís Puig travels by surprise to the Italian city of Alghero

El exconseller Lluís Puig viaja por sorpresa a la ciudad italiana de Alguer

The exconseller of Culture of the Generalitat, Lluís Puig, has announced by surprise his presence in the Italian city of Alghero (Sardeña), Catalan-speaking city to which he has come to attend "a few cultural, political and social activities" scheduled for the next few hours.

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Puig, who shares candidacy for the Senate with JxCat along with the wife of the former Josep Rull, Meritxell Lluís, and the businessman, friend and collaborator of the express Carles Puigdemont, Josep Maria Matamala, has come to Alguer without prior notice but has reported his visit in social networks to a country that until now had not come any of the independentistas who decided to go to "exile" after the unilateral declaration of independence.

"I have the pleasure of telling you that I am in Alguer, Catalan land, Catalan-speaking land in the Italian State", announced the leader, who has been excited and excited by "the mere fact of stepping on this land, of seeing this sea , to see this light. "

Without an arrest warrant pending against him, Lluís Puig adds Italy to the list of countries visited by the independence leaders who left for Belgium, but it is not the first trip outside the Belgian country this year. In January, the exconseller participated in an act of presentation of the Consell per la República in Perpignan.

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