January 21, 2021

The former head of Iberdrola Security excuses Sánchez Galán in the Villa Villarejo case ’| Economy

The former head of Iberdrola Security Antonio Asenjo said on Monday that the president of the power company, Ignacio Sánchez Galán, did not know the orders that for more than a decade were signed with the company of the retired commissioner José Manuel Villarejo. Asenjo said that the dome of Iberdrola knew about the contracts but I did not know who made the reports. The former director, who went to the National Court as an investigator (the former figure of the accused) for crimes of bribery and revelation of secrets, also said that it was he who hired Villarejo and that he was convinced that the policeman was on leave, they reported legal sources present in the declaration.

Asenjo declared within the framework of piece 17, that it remains secret, dedicated to contracts that for 13 years (between 2004 and 2017) signed the Spanish power company with the retired commissioner and that this has recognized after carrying out two internal investigations. Of the 17 orders that Iberdrola paid to Villarejo, the most elusive is the one that refers to the ACS construction company and more specifically to its president, Florentino Pérez. Judge Manuel García Castellón and the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office investigate whether the police officer, in prison since 2017, spied by order of Asenjo to also the president of Real Madrid when ACS tried to enter the board of directors of the electricity company. Asenjo declared that there was no illegal espionage against Pérez.

The former Chief of Security reiterated that the methods used by the retired commissioner were legal, or at least he does not know that they were not, according to the sources consulted. Sánchez Galán and the rest of the dome read some of the reports commissioned from Villarejo, he added, although he stressed that they did not know who was behind the company that signed the information, Cenyt, owned by the commissioner. Asenjo was the company’s Chief of Security for almost 20 years. Last December, days after being charged, agreed to leave the company.

The former director quantified the amount paid by Iberdrola to Villarejo: 1.1 million euros. A very small number considering that the department he directed handled up to 170 million a year of security budget, according to the judge and prosecutors Ignacio Stampa and Miguel Serrano. Another of the bills paid to Cenyt was aimed at making arrangements within the framework of the opening of a new combined cycle thermal power plant in Arcos de la Frontera (Cádiz). In 2004, the electricity company faced several lawsuits by environmental groups and the Arcos City Council that prevented it from starting to build the plant.

Asenjo went to the National Court incognito. He was not seen to enter or leave. His statement was suspended after half past seven in the afternoon and will be resumed today to continue reworking the 17 Cenyt contracts with Iberdrola. The interrogation, which the judge initiated and the prosecutors continued, remained in 2009, so that there are still eight years of relationship with the retired commissioner. Asenjo’s statement comes two weeks after that of José Antonio del Olmo, who was cited as a witness. Del Olmo is the former director who signs an alleged report – of which Iberdrola claims to have no record – that details illegal orders (espionage, use of false invoices …) from Sánchez Galán to Villarejo.


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