August 14, 2020

The forgotten in the state of alarm?

They demand that the Government guarantee the financing and employment of people destined to serve such an important population group.

Given the exceptional situation generated by the coronavirus crisis, Plena Inclusión highlights through a statement the value of the commitment and dedication of organizations and professionals who work for people with intellectual disabilities and their families.

“From Full Inclusion, an associative movement that brings together 935 entities that work in the care and defense of the rights of 140,000 people with intellectual or developmental disabilities, ASD and cerebral palsy and their families, we want to highlight the enormous value that in this situation Criticism implies the commitment and dedication shown by professionals and volunteer personnel who accompany people with intellectual or developmental disabilities from hundreds of associations ”, they affirm.

Once the state of alarm was decreed by the Council of Ministers, from this association they denounce that they seem to be the great forgotten ones. “The measures taken by the health authorities of the different autonomous communities in the face of the crisis of the coronavirus pandemic have generated concern in thousands of families of people with intellectual or developmental disabilities,” they assure, “which is why they have transferred the need to the Government and the urgency of certain measures linked to maintaining care for such an important and vulnerable population group.

In the statement released today, he states the following:

  • The people in charge of the autonomous communities are transferred to the need to guarantee the financing of social services committed to the third sector, guaranteeing their sustainability and the maintenance of jobs.
  • The Government of Pedro Sánchez is asked to Incorporate vulnerable families in social protection measures, also families with people with intellectual disabilities who need a support service for care at home given the temporary closure of the centers where they were treated. This demand fully connects with the spirit of Chapter II of Royal Decree 7/20202 that was published yesterday, March 12.
  • Likewise, requests public administrations to maintain financing lines with which the economic sustainability and the social interest of the special employment centers are ensured.


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