The Foral Police counts 4,000 people in Javier

About 4,000 people have gathered this afternoon in Javier, cradle of the patron of Navarra, on the first day of the first Javierada of 2020, although the central act is scheduled for tomorrow in the Eucharist to be held at ten in the morning in the Castle esplanade.

According to the calculations of the Foral Police, up to Javier have arrived this afternoon 730 cars and 19 buses to pick up pilgrims who had already finished the road and who were returning home today.

Until 19:00 hours, the 200 Red Cross volunteers had paid 342 attentions in the 23 installed posts, 209 today Saturday from 07:00 in the morning, and 133 yesterday in the Ribera and the Middle Zone of Navarra.

There is, however, an important number of walkers who have not yet arrived at Javier and who will be tomorrow at the Mass that is scheduled to officiate at ten o'clock in the morning before the castle Archbishop Francisco Pérez.

This year, in which the 80th anniversary of the Javieradas is celebrated, the pilgrimage bears the motto "Every step counts" and to guarantee the attention to the pilgrims in addition to the Red Cross volunteers, the Foral Police have been mobilized and of the order of 400 the Civil Guard, in this case for this weekend and next.

Although the Ministry of Health has not taken any restrictive measures for acts with massive influx of people, pilgrims have been reminded that to avoid possible coronavirus contacts respect the hygienic recommendations and in case of having cough, fever or respiratory problems call 112

In addition, the Ministry of Interior has designed for Javieradas a specific version of the Alertcops mobile app for risk situations, available in Spanish, Basque, English, French, German, Italian and Russian.

For its part, the Civil Protection Service has displaced Javier the Advanced Command Post to coordinate from it all the pilgrim support groups, who can also go to 112, permanently operational, if it were necessary to activate any means of urgent help.

This year the Association of Olympic Volunteers of Navarra, which celebrates its thirtieth anniversary, has again installed in the Sales of Judas a free refreshment position for pilgrims, for which it has the collaboration of 53 companies.

The National Emergency Network, which has 72 amateur radio operators in Navarra, also collaborates with the Javieradas for the safety of walkers.


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