May 26, 2020

The footballer that Mariano Rajoy fears most as a follower of Real Madrid

Mariano Rajoy is a great sports fan and this is reflected in the memoir he has just presented. The former president is a recognized supporter of Real Madrid and when asked if the future of the white club goes through the signing of Kylian Mbappé, he responded as follows: "The future of Real Madrid goes through Messi going to play Australia", in relation to the fear infused by the ten Barca to Rajoy as a Madrid fan.

In the book, "A better Spain" (Plaza & Janés), Mariano Rajoy talks about his relationship with sports and says he was always "very comfortable and relaxed."

“I like all sports, like I like to read the Brand, even though this fact seems to irritate some people extraordinarily, that must be very restrictive in their readings, ”he writes in his book, in addition to glossing the virtues of athletes, their desire to excel and sacrifice, the former chief executive reviews some occasions in which sports and politics have been mixed to throughout his years of government.

Remember the criticism he received for flying to Poland to attend the premiere of the Spanish soccer team in the Eurocup After appearing before the press to inform about EU aid to clean up the Spanish banks. “I knew that I was going to generate criticism and I valued staying in La Moncloa and watching football from home, which was much more rested,” he says in his book, and explains that he finally decided to go because he had thus committed himself to the Polish prime minister, Donald Tusk

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