The folding smartphone arrives with a screen that surrounds it - La Provincia

LG Electronics works on the design of a folding smartphone that has a screen that folds and wraps the device, which differs from the design previously presented by the company for its dual-screen devices.

The company filed the patenton July 22, it was approved on January 17 and the documentation has already been included in the design database of the World Property Organization (WIPO).

The patent has16 sketcheswhich show the design of the LG 'folding smartphone' from all angles, as collected by LetsGoDigital.

In the sketches it can be seen that the edge of the screen is very thin both in the lower part and in the left part of the device. The upper part, a little wider, has a double camera with built-in flash.

For its part,the right side of the device has no edge, since the screen continues to the rear. When you open the screen, the size of the 'smartphone' becomes like that of a tablet and the edges around the screen are quite thin.

According to the sketches, it is observed thatthe back of the device does not have cameras. In addition, you can see that the speaker is both at the top and bottom and both sides also have a microphone.

The lower part also has a space for a microUSB connection for the charger and on the upper part it has an elongated button that could be used to turn the phone on and off or as a kind of lock to open the screen.

LG filed another patent with WIPO at the end of June. This time it wasa case with a large flexible screen, with which any mobile can become foldable and have a screen up to three times larger.

Also, sources close to the company informed CNET that LG will present in theMobile World Congress (MWC)in Barcelona a 'smartphone' whose main feature will be the incorporation of a second removable screen.

These ideas follow the one presented with theLG G8X ThinQ,which has two 6.4-inch screens each - joined by a hinge with a 360-degree opening - to use up to three applications at the same time.


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