February 26, 2021

The fog devours the skyscrapers of Benidorm

An intense layer of fog that has formed throughout the morning has “erased” from the urban scene some of the most characteristic elements of Benidorm, like the Island or some of its most recognizable skyscrapers, including the Hotel Bali or the InTempo tower.

This meteorological phenomenon It is very common at this time of year in the tourist city and it usually occurs due to the installation of a maritime tropical air pocket that, when colliding with the low temperatures of the Mediterranean Sea, causes an intense mist that penetrates from the sea to the city.

The image, however, has not left those who have been able to enjoy this phenomenon indifferent, due to the unique images it throws from the “skyline”. Therefore, social networks have been filled with photographs, like those that illustrate this information.

The entry of warm air into the upper layers of the atmosphere and the fact that the Mediterranean Sea still registers a cold temperature -11/12 degrees- is the origin of the dense layers of fog that may re-form in the coming days, both at night and in the early hours of the day until sunrise. It is known as littoral fog and disappears as the day progresses. On the other hand, this afternoon there is a risk of storms but especially in the interior of the province.

Experts call the phenomenon advection fog. Masses of hot air loaded with humidity pass over cold soils (in this case the sea), which makes the air cool, increasing the relative humidity and finally causing condensation. This phenomenon is common on the coasts, when the warm tropical air meets the waters of higher latitudes. It is also common when a warm front moves over an area with an amount of snow.


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