The flu is primed with the canaries between four and 15 years - La Provincia

The flu virus has been primed during the last week with children in the Canary Islands. According to the report of the Canary Health Service (SCS), the age range between four and 15 years has registered a rebound in cases of illness, until reaching a rate of almost 200 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Also children up to four years old are among the most affected by the virus during the last seven days, with around 150 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, keeping this way with figures similar to the previous week.

However, for the global population the flu incidence rate It remains in the Archipelago below 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, which leaves the Islands still in a pre-epidemic phase.

In addition, the report of the General Directorate of Public Health includes that so far they have been notified 17 severe cases of hospitalized patients in the network of centers of the Archipelago., most of them by virus A.

It highlights that three out of four of these admissions correspond to patients with at least one risk factor and 75% were not vaccinated for flu this season.

To them we must addr 61 other patients hospitalized for influenza although without serious criteria, also the majority with the virus A. Almost half of them are older than 64 years, which makes them patients included in the risk groups.

During the eighth week of vaccination campaign, a total of 6,466 doses have been administered and registered, which represents a decrease of 3.54% compared to the same week of the previous campaign. Only Lanzarote has managed to overcome the results of that week by 45%.

However, an increase in administered and recorded doses is maintained so far this season, of 9.35%, which represents a total of 15,345 doses until reaching the 179,523 throughout the archipelago.


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