May 14, 2021

The floods in Asunción already leave more than 7,000 families affected

The floods in Asunción already leave more than 7,000 families affected

The floods suffered in Asunción due to the flooding of the Paraguay River already leave 7,515 displaced families, most of which have been relocated to 108 hostels in the capital, according to data from the National Emergency Secretariat (SEN).

The situation of displacement generates alert among the sanitary authorities, since the conditions of life and hygiene in these places propitiate the appearance and transmission of diseases.

In addition, the combination of heavy rains with high temperatures facilitates the presence of mosquito breeding sites, and concerns in particular the Aedes aegypti, vector transmitter of dengue, Zika and Chikungunya.

The alert does not go unnoticed by the medical personnel who are in charge of the care in these shelters, as the director of the 18th Health Region, Robert Núñez, pointed out in an interview with Radio Nacional.

Núñez stressed that there are personnel in charge of the elimination of the breeding places and the fumigation of the places, and that they are also beginning to think "in pictures of dengue, zica, chikunguña".

"We have outbreak of yellow fever and measles on the border, and that coming here would be a bigger problem, that's why we are with extreme care," he said.

So far, the most frequent consultations are for diarrhea, flu or fever, according to the doctor.

Apart from these frequent diseases, attention also includes other issues such as pediatrics, dentistry or gynecology.

In addition, weekends carry out awareness campaigns among families so that they do not wait until the last minute to go to the clinic if they suffer from any ailment.

The medical staff that attends these places is around 40 people, in addition to the workers of the Family Health Units (USF), who know closely the situation of the victims.

Nunez estimated that so far have served 50% of refugees, and hope to reach 100% to prevent diseases.

The level of the Paraguay River today reached 6 meters, above the 5.50 meters that mark the critical level, but still far from the 8 meters that warn of the disaster, according to the data of the Directorate of Meteorology and Hydrology.

However, the authorities do not rule out that it approaches that level, since they foresee that the flood of the river reaches 7.5 meters until December, if the rains persist and are combined with El Niño, a climatic phenomenon produced by the high temperatures of the Pacific, which usually causes heavy rains and floods in South America.


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