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The flight of Pity Martínez | sports

The flight of Pity Martínez | sports

By revoltoso, especially restless, Gonzalo Martinez (Guaymallén, Mendoza, 25 years) his mother renamed him Pity, Pititorra, a bird in the region of Cuyo (Argentina), known for its sweet trill and electric flapping. As electric as Martinez's football, a left-handed and skillful hook, a talent discovered in a pasture yard of Las Heras (Mendoza) Goyo Carrizo, a member of such a celebrated team in Argentina, Los Cebollitas, as the name of his star footballer, Diego Armando Maradona. "He was small, very skinny. He stood next to me and said: 'I want to go to Buenos Aires'. 'Do something that I have to see you. Show your boy, 'I said, "says Carrizo. "And he put the batteries. In five minutes I realized that it was different, "he adds. From Huracán de Las Heras to Huracán de Buenos Aires, always with its electric gambeta as a flag.

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Pity's flight fell in love with Marcelo Gallardo. In 2014, the first player who asked the sports director, Enzo Francescoli, when he sat on the bench of River, was Martinez. He did not get it. In 2015, they returned to the charge. Better luck, nothing cheap. The millionaire box paid Huracán 4.7 million dollars for 75% of its federative rights. He became the second most expensive signing in the history of the club of Núñez, then only surpassed by Ariel Ortega-five million for 50% of his pass to Parma. He did not have, however, a happy awakening. He heard more whistles than applause, questioned by a stadium that had recovered its historic fine palate after having tasted the mud in Second, little tolerant with its frivolous details, added to its inconsistency in the game.

A bad decision by Martinez seemed to lead his relationship with the fans to a dead end. Tired of the murmurs, Pity silenced the Monumental. He did not prolong his gesture like Raúl at the Camp Nou, but he was clear enough to be caught by the television cameras. "I'm sorry for that moment, I did not think and I was wrong," he clarified later. Gallardo, in any case, was convinced that Pity was destined to conquer the Monumental. "I'm going to be wrong if the Pity ends up exploding elsewhere," said the River manager. And it was not a matter of Martinez defrauding his great supporter.

The point of inflection between the fans and the 10 was in a Superclásico in the Bombonera in 2017. Martinez drew a bright left-footed volley to open the scoring in a duel that finished 1-3. A year later, in the Argentine Supercup, he shouted again in the classic. This time, a penalty. To return to celebrate another beautiful goal, again at the Boca stadium, again for River to prevail in the derby. There was no doubt, the Mendoza was the new idol of the fans. And there was no better way to prove it than with a song. "Pity Martinez, how crazy he is catch to the bosteros, are the catch really".

"I knew that, at some point, my situation was going to turn around. I trusted my conditions to die and I knew what I can give. It is also thanks to the technician, who always spoke to me, and to my colleagues, who never treated me badly, "says the playmaker. The novel story of Martinez with River is already at the end. And there are few finals more attractive than before his favorite victim and in the final of the Copa Libertadores. "He is the most important player of our team, it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to replace him", they say from the club of the band.

Martinez will move his electric soccer to the MLS. In this Argentine summer, Atlanta plans to pay the $ 15 million of its termination clause. One of the last flights of Pity looms, nothing less than in the Santiago Bernabéu.

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