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Navantia, a public company of naval construction and intelligent systems and services belonging to the SEPI Group, will show its capabilities during this prestigious meeting as a leading and reference company in the defense sector in Spain and in the world, as well as its collaboration with the Ministry Defense and the Spanish Navy. “Bet on Feindef,” says the president of Navantia, Ricardo Domínguez— it is to bet on the capabilities and strategic sovereignty of our country and on the development of an industry with high potential for innovation, training and job creation and added value ”.

The S-80 submarine and the frigate F-110, tractor programs of the national industry, its experience as integrator of complex systems and its offer of intelligent services will be the protagonists of the stand, which will be exhibited through models and interactive tools. In the case of the first (for the Spanish Navy), It is the most complex technological bet of the company, that incorporates a novel air independent propulsion (AIP) system that allows greater discretion and less detectability, by not having to go to the surface to recharge the batteries.

At the forefront

The F-110 frigate, the main frigate program for the Spanish Navy, at the technological forefront, incorporates innovations such as the block factory, a ‘smart factory’ that will improve times and qualities, and the Digital Twin, a virtual replica of the ship itself that allows the user to view the state and condition of the ship thousands of miles away. The Digital Twin can also provide new perspectives on the design, manufacture, operation and associated services, allowing the physical environment of the product to be intertwined with the virtual environment through the application of technologies such as Cloud Computing, Machine Learning or the Internet of Things ( IoT).

In the area of ​​systems and services, it will show, for example, the Navantis Training Integrated System, which represents a further step in the integrated training of the crew, so that the entire crew can, from the Training Center Training, navigate safely.

In addition, the SCOMBA / CATIZ combat system, whose capabilities cover both the tasks of a warship and operations in peacetime (search and rescue, anti-piracy missions, control of territorial waters, maritime security), and the Catalog of intelligent services, an interactive catalog pilot that incorporates this type of intelligent services.

The S-80 submarine
The S-80 submarine

As for the conferences and round tables, those responsible for Navantia will give a series of presentations and will participate in various events and colloquia on relevant and current topics in the sector. Thus, the president of the company, Ricardo Domínguez, will address the role of the defense industry as a builder of a secure future and a driver of progress. Various leaders will speak about the European Patrol Corvette project, remotely operated systems, the digital twin, the 4E project, the supply chain in the defense sector, or the presence of women in the defense sector.

Along with the offer of products and services (which has a specific website,, Its stand will host events that will address, among other matters, collaboration with the Navy, cooperation with Telefónica Tech in cybersecurity or the presentation of the new centers of excellence. A practical sample of a world reference in the design, construction and integration of military ships with a high technological component, a strategic company, in the national and international context. Design and manufacture of combat and command and control systems, integrated platform control systems, fire directions, propulsion plants and life cycle support are part of its activity, with a firm commitment to diversification and renewable energies ( It is also a relevant player in the field of offshore wind).

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