The five positive cases of coronavirus in the Canary Islands remain in good health - La Provincia

The Counseling from Health from the Government of Canary Islands confirms that the five isolated cases in two hospitals in the Canary Islands and that have tested positive in coronavirus Covid-19 are in good health. These are the four Italian citizens who tested positive between Monday 24 and Tuesday 25; and the woman resident in La Gomera who tested positive on the afternoon of Wednesday 26. All of them are in good health and isolated, as established by the protocol for action in the face of this international health crisis.

Regarding the situation in the hotel from Tenerife where four of the positive cases were guests, the Ministry of Health Remember that all its members are in good health, living a normalized life within the facilities with the necessary restrictions and sanitary controls. The health authorities have allowed, together with the judicial, the exit of up to a maximum of 130 people because it is guaranteed that they entered these facilities after the isolation of the four positive Italian citizens and, therefore, they are not at risk of contagion. Of these, and with data from 13:15 today, 50 have already been able to leave the hotel, 9 Spaniards and the rest, foreigners. The outgoing operation of this group continues.

At the moment, the authorities are making arrangements with the embassies of the countries of origin of the other guests to be able to make a repatriation controlled of the same whenever the sanitary security measures that mark the international protocols are guaranteed. All people leaving the hotel must follow up at their homes.

Within the hotel, evaluations continue to be made to the clients, of which only the six direct contacts with the positive cases and some other guests who have presented symptoms remain in their rooms, having given all of them negative for now in the tests performed.

Regarding the case of La Gomera, the Ministry of Health confirms that all the analyzes that have been completed of the close and direct contacts of the infected woman on a trip to Italy have given negatives and that the study of the possible contacts of this patient who is also in good health continues.

Reference phones

The Ministry of Health keeps activated a toll-free telephone line (900 112 061), from which a Nursing team, under the coordination of the Department of Health Emergencies Canary (SUC), will respond to requests for information from the public regarding prevention measures, possibilities of infection and false concepts related to the virus. The information line has received 1385 calls in total since it was put into operation, of which 234 were produced yesterday.

In addition, it is recalled the importance that people who consider they may have symptoms related to the coronavirus (cough, sore throat, fever and feeling of shortness of breath) and have returned in the last 14 days of any of the areas of risk or status related to someone who comes from those points, get in touch with the 1-1-2, avoiding going directly to the Primary Care centers or Hospital Emergency. Through this route, the extraction of samples at the home will be managed, although this resource is also called to use when the above conditions are met.


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