July 30, 2021

The five most common arctic dreams – The Province

The five most common arctic dreams - The Province

All humans have something in common: Dreams. They occur during rest, in the REM phase, although many times we do not remember them when we wake up. In other words, dreaming is something inevitable, regardless of whether its content is a nightmare, a strange story, or an erotic dream.

When Morpheus introduces us into a sexual fantasy through sleep, we wake up excited and somewhat confused: it scares us to think about the reason why we have intimate encounters with other people. However, The meaning of erotic dreams is not always related to sex, according to psychologist Ian Wallace, who has interpreted some 150,000 dreams over 30 years of professional practice.

So if you dream that you sleep with your boss or with the partner of a friend, do you think that this sexual drive exists in real life? In the literature we find a lot of information about the interpretation of dreams and something in which many of the authors agree is that Do not take dreams to the letter. Next, we reveal the erotic dreams that are most common.

Maintain intimate relationships with your boss

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This dream could be translated as a desire to have control and power over your life, your career … You may see behaviors in your boss that you admire and want to incorporate into your behavior.

Be unfaithful in dreams

The state of our partner's relationship is one of the things that most concern us and it is normal that we take this restlessness to bed. Some psychologists, such as Wallace, argue that this behavior in dreams denotes the lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem, believing that attractiveness has been lost, fear of abandonment …

However, other professionals go further and claim that it is a sign that something is not right in the relationship. The person who has been unfaithful in dreams notes that you do not have enough attention from your partner and he even thinks that he is being horned.

Have sex with someone of your same sex

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When a heterosexual person sleeps with someone of their same sex in dreams it does not mean that they are homosexual or bisexual. According to Wallace, this dream reflects that this person is comfortable with his own bodyHe is in the process of accepting himself and has an open mind.

Sleeping with someone you do not like

For example, you have sex with that partner at work that you never had interested in that way. This dream does not mean you should change the way you look at it; it simply indicates that There is a physical or emotional closeness with that person. It could be, for example, a dream derived from spending a lot of time with her.

Sexual encounter with a famous

We have all had idols and myths with whom to fantasize. When you roll up with a celebrity during a dream, it means that you feel especially good in some aspect of your life: work, studies, fatherhood… That dream represents recognition, according to Wallace.

In short, it is inevitable that people dream and erotic episodes that leave us dubious or alter us when we wake up. But as many psychologists argue, including Ian Wallace, although erotic dreams can coincide with things we have lived or fantasized about, it's just a dream and the meaning is usually another.


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