Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

The five keys to the defeat of Real Madrid in Valencia (2-1)

The five keys to the defeat of Real Madrid in Valencia (2-1)

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The return of Zidane has not managed to get Real Madrid to straighten out a season that has definitely gone awry. In Valencia they saw the evils that have accompanied the team all season:

1) Possession without opportunities. Valencia gave the ball to Real Madrid throughout the game and the team of Zidane, except in some moments of the second half never knew what to do with the ball. No depth on the sides and no player to cut in the middle. It was a meaningless control of the ball.

2) No goal. Until the last minute of the game did not score Real Madrid. It was Benzema, maybe the best footballer of this season, who finished off with a header. But until then, the team had a serious problem to reach goal. Zidane's plan is to open the field by the bands, reach the bottom and center back, but the lateral and interior just reached the peak of the area and from there put the ball, almost at random. Impossible to finish that.

3) Nothing to fight for. It is not easy to maintain tension. Madrid players want to stay focused and they are noticed during the first minutes, but almost unconsciously, when things get complicated, it shows that the rivals play more.

4) Players in low form. Maybe it's the team's big problem this season: which main and decisive players have never been at their level. Marcelo has three games with Zidane and can not give his best side; Kroos had to be replaced; Bale came out later and did not contribute anything. Asensio does not finish returning. There are too many players and too important for the team not to notice.

5) The Valencia. Marcelino has managed to get his team to reach this end of the season at its best in form, ready to fight for everything and Valencia is a plane: it knows how to defend, it is very rocky behind and leaves at full speed to attack. It is one of the worst rivals at this point of the course and with the field in favor and motivated, the defeat was within the probable.


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