Mon. Feb 24th, 2020

The five keys of Zidane

Real Madrid receives Levante on Saturday at the Bernabéu with the idea of ​​winning again and conquering the Madrid stadium, which still does not know what to expect from its team. El Levante also won last year at the Santiago Bernabéu

one) More than wanting revenge, Real Madrid seeks regularity: He has not lost in the three league games he has played, but he has drawn two, especially the home game against Valladolid hurt. The team of Zidane needs a good game, dominate the situations and feel superior to the rival, something that only happened in the premiere against Celta. “Let's go wherever we go, we are excited. On Saturday we will have a very talented team ahead of us, but I think we will have our options, although we are aware of the difficulty, "says Paco López, the Levante coach. Madrid cannot afford, at this start, not to win in the Bernabéu.

two) Hazard Premiere. All hopes of Real Madrid go through the Belgian, who against the Levant will officially debut at Real Madrid. It is the great signing of summer and the player who has to change the atmosphere and tone of Real Madrid. It has quality and hierarchy to throw the team behind. In Villarreal Jovic and Mendy, two of the signings of this summer, were already headlines, but it is Hazard who awakens all the illusion. He seeks to be the best in the world and knows that with the support of Real Madrid it will be easier.

3) Don't let the concentration fail. Real Madrid have been able to win all the matches they have played and, nevertheless, have not done so because their defense has not been up to par. Concentration of the whole team and knowing how to handle the situations has failed. Against Valladolid a game that was won escaped and Villarreal was "allowed" to score two goals in just two arrivals. That has been the great deficit of the Zidane team.

4) The Bernabéu. In his meetings with the partners, Florentino Pérez is asking the members not to pit the players because that makes the environment too thin and it is not easy for the players to be calm in the Bernabéu. It is the same as Zidane asked after the last meeting against Valladolid. The coach confirmed that the team is under pressure and the public should help lower that tension and not cause it anymore.

5) The Zidane system. It is a mystery the alignment that the French coach can get in this match, something usual, because he likes to move the starting team, but it is also an unknown know what system Real Madrid will play because Zidane is changing it regularly. Sometimes he prefers 4-4-2 to hang balls in the area, as he did in Villarreal, but usually tends to 4-3-3, because he also allows Bale, Hazard and Benzema to play together. It is the first time that the attack trio is going to be seen. If it works, the face of Real Madrid will change.

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