July 5, 2020

The five best Asterix albums you can’t stop reading

Uderzo has passed away at 92, but he leaves us his work. These are the best adventures of the Gallic heroes that he created together with Goscinny.

Has died Uderzo, one of the parents of Asterix and Obelix, together with the unforgettable Goscinny. The irreducible Gauls have starred in 37 albums and have sold over 300 million copies worldwide. If there is a magic potion, it is your success. Here we review what are the best adventures of the best-known French characters in the comic. Reading them is the best way not to forget their creators.

Obelix and Company

It’s not the first in the series, but it’s hilarious. A true satire of capitalism. The creators included the target of their jokes the economy and initialed one of the best stories in the series. The narration focuses on Cayo Coyuntural (a parody of Jacques Chirac), who convinces Julius Caesar that the best way to end the Gallic village is not with the legions, but for that ambition to enrich themselves that exists in every human being. Conjunctural Caye will march to Gaul and order a menhir from Obelix. Then another. Prices will go up exorbitantly and the companion of Asterix will dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

The residence of the gods

Without a doubt one of the best. Uderzo and Goscinny draw on the lessons that anthropology has left us to embroider a brilliant narration from the beginning to the end of the work. Julius Caesar hatches a way to finish off the last resistance in Gaul. But this time he will not go to arms. He will prefer to resort to a more complex notion, to an idea: acculturation. He decides that the best thing is to build a Roman city that surrounds the small town. Contact with the new Roman neighbors will eventually relax their customs of the Gauls and, in the end, they will end up integrating into the Roman empire.

Asterix and Cleopatra

Many readers still remember one of the best-known phrases in this comic: “What a nose!”. A work that is a true classic. Uderzo and Goscinny knew how to squeeze the story between Julius Caesar and Cleopatra very well, both their love story and the legend that surrounds them. They also took advantage of one of the best-known monuments in the Nile country: the pyramids. The result is impeccable.


Uderzo and Goscinny were always characterized by popularizing Latin phrases or playing with Latin. This time they do it with the name of one of the central characters of the plot: Perfectus Detritus. That’s what they call the man in charge of introducing dissension and controversy among the people; a character with an innate talent for generating disputes. Julius Caesar will go to him to sow discord in the small Gallic village and divide it. In this way, the Roman general considers that he will be able to defeat his last opponents.

Asterix in Hispania

Asterix and Obélix also visited Iberia. They did it in this comic where they pulled some topics to portray us. The result is fun. It is true that they did not manage to capture the character of our country, but it does help, however, to see us through other eyes, which helps us not take ourselves too seriously.


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