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The turnover of gyms in Europe with the arrival of the «Low cost» has reached 27 million euros a year. His business closed 2018 with 5.3 million subscribers

It is well known in Spain, and throughout the world, that the Spaniards we like to eat and sleep. The good life come on. However, we are not careless and even occasionally, it gives us the vein to get fit by having a good afternoon in the gym. 77.5 percent of Spaniards claim to do some sport, a figure that grows 6 percent over the previous year, according to data from the II Barometer on self-care of the Spanish population. Do not forget that sport is a fundamental and very healthy activity for our life, so it is good to remember that practicing it a few times a year does not hurt. Fashion is now the gym, that place where some spend more time taking pictures in the mirror than anything else, others with chat have enough, and then there are those who do, those who really train. The case is that for one thing or another, gyms are booming. His business created an increase of 2.5% in 2018 in our country and closed the year with 5.3 million subscribers, 4,650 clubs and a penetration of 11.4% of the Spanish population. We are not the first, but not the last. Germany and the United Kingdom are the ones that position themselves as the countries with the largest fitness markets in the continent, exceeding 11.1 and 9.9 million registrations respectively. And in France they don't fall short with more than six million users. In total, the turnover of this sector in Europe amounts to approximately 27,000 million euros, compared to about 26,600 that the business enters the United States.

Low-cost sports centers, on the other hand, are the novelty. Their fees do not usually exceed 30 euros per month and not only compete with affordable prices, but also offer new and large facilities, with the latest machines and technologies. In total there are five companies that manage almost more than half of the low cost centers in the country. Be that as it may, the important thing is to keep fit.

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