Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

The fiscal commitment of Citizens

El compromiso fiscal de Ciudadanos

Albert Rivera, leader of Citizens, he took advantage of his step Seville the weekend to present a summary of the electoral program of Citizens that has called My 10 commitments with Spain. And in point 6, the one that dedicates to the tax policies, specifies: "To lower the maximum rate of the IRPF so that the taxes are not confiscatory". The reduction of the highest section would be, according to the proposal of Citizens, of 1%, going from the current 45% to 44%.

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The soft reform, far from the "fiscal revolution" proposed by the PP, it is complemented with other economic measures such as the improvement of the conditions of the self-employed and the end of the junk contracts, although it does not just explain how the universality of permanent contracts will be reached.

The fiscal proposal is aligned with the recent tax reduction approved by the Junta de Andalucía, which is governed by the PP and Ciudadanos coalition. And it compromises a bit to Luis Garicano, responsible for the area of ​​Economy and Employment and head of list of the European elections of the liberal formation. Garicano, to the question of if they were going to lower the taxes to the richest ones, in an interview in the radio station Onda Cero, answered with rotund: "No, we are going to continue lowering the taxes to the middle and working class, that is our priority "

It will be necessary to see how that fiscal idea fits into a possible post-electoral agreement with the Popular Party as an ally, since Rivera has ruled out the possibility of weaving any pact with the active and passive PSOE of Pedro Sánchez.

In Andalusia, last week the reform agreed by PP and Citizens was presented, which eliminates 99% of inheritance taxes and which involves a modification of the autonomous section of the rent that favors the highest rents. In particular, taking advantage of the simplification to four sections, the IRPF it is reduced by 3% for incomes above 120,000 euros, 1% for those with more than 60,000 euros, and between 0.5% and 1.5% for those below 60,000 euros.

Another fundamental aspect of Cs' ​​tax proposal, which Rivera repeats in each public act, is the reduction of 60% of the IRPF to people living in rural areas, as a special measure to stop depopulation in Spain.

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