The first women’s football table that honors the Spanish team

The football will be installed in the Soccer City of Las Rozas

The Spanish Federation has decided to join the celebration of Women’s Day, March 8, with the presentation of the first table football representing the women’s team in a match against the United States. It will be installed starting Saturday at the Hotel Residencia de la Ciudad del Fútbol.

That match, which was the one that left Spain out of the World Cup last summer, will be repeated precisely this Sunday, March 8, on the occasion of the She Believes Cup, a tournament organized by the United States that is attended by invitation and that this year dispute, in addition to the US team, Spain, England and Japan.

The Federation wants to reflect with this table football strength, empowerment and the struggle for equality of women through sport. He also wants to recognize the work that the Spanish national soccer, futsal and beach soccer teams do in favor of social change, just like the referees and coaches.

In addition, this Sunday the women’s soccer team and its coach, Claudia Pons will attend the Martín Carpena Sports Center, which hosts the Spanish Cup this weekend, to read a manifesto.


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