Thu. Mar 21st, 2019

The first two prizes of La Lotera Nacional fall in Canarias - La Provincia

The first two prizes of La Lotera Nacional fall in Canarias - La Provincia

The First Prize in the Extraordinary Winter Lottery of the National Lottery today Saturday, December 12, 2019, (endowed with 1,300,000 euros to the series) has gone to to the number 71109 and has fallen in provinces of Las Palmas and Santa Cruz de Tenerife. In Concrete, the island of Fuerteventura has been awarded with this prize (130,000 euros the tenth), which has been sold in the expendora machine of the El Camello de Oro Administration of the municipality of Tuineje.

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But also the two island provinces They have also been fortunate with the second prize in today's draw. One of the island cities blessed by fortune is The Gran Canarian palms. Bazaar The Minilla, Federico García Lorca Street, number 11, has been the Administration that has sold this prize, with the number 55778, which is endowed with 250,000 euros to the series.

Fabian Pablo Martín, the manager of the local La Minilla that has been open for 15 years, has just heard the news and is waiting for the Delegation of the National Lottery to communicate the total number of tenths he has distributed through a vending machine. This is the first prize of the National Lottery that delivers, but it is not the first time that it distributes luck. The last time was awarded with a Bonoloto prize of 212,000 euros.

The other provincial administrations that have sold the first prize are Vizcaya, Granada, Huesca and Madrid. The series and the fraction (with which the special prize of 15 million euros to a single tenth is achieved) have been the following: series, 1 and the fraction: 3.

As for the second, it has also fallen to the administrations of the provinces of Almería, Vizcaya, Cádiz, Lleida, Madird and Navarra.


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