The first specific police station for gender violence will have a psychologist and social worker | Society

The first specific police station for gender violence will have a psychologist and social worker | Society

The first specific police station to serve victims of the gender violence It will open its doors in two weeks in Valencia and will have, initially, with nine policemen, all women specialized in the subject, a psychologist and a social worker. The office seeks to facilitate complaints and better assess the risk presented by the victims. An analysis that today "is not always adapted to reality", affirms Gabriela Bravo, Counselor of Justice of the Valencian generalitat, promoter of the initiative, The facilities of 197 square meters, located in the City of Justice in Valencia, will have a space for the explorations of the forensic physician assigned to the court of guard, and an office for the "confidential interviews" of women with their lawyers, whose assistance will be offered free of charge through the shift of office.

The so-called Gender Violence Reporting and Assistance Office will replace the often inhospitable environment of the police units with a space that provides "security and comfort" for the victims, says Bravo, encouraging them to point out their assailant. The policemen will not wear uniforms and will have a room to make waiting for the children more bearable, with a toy area and a television screen.

The police posts of the office, which will be open from nine in the morning to nine at night, were offered to the members of the Unit of the National Police Corps attached to the Generalitat Valenciana. Among the applications received were those of nine women, including the head of the office, who have specialized training in gender violence and come mostly from the Family and Women's Units (Ufam) of the police. They will be responsible for collecting the complaints and transfer them to the Superior Headquarters of the Valencian Community, which will deal with the investigation and, where appropriate, stop the attackers.

Lack of receptivity

The shared work, in one place, of police officers, psychologists and social workers -the office will have a total of four professionals of each specialty to cover the shifts of 12 hours a day- will allow to fine tune the risk assessment through the Viogen system, that distributes the danger that victims face in low, medium and high. The police report of the victims will be accompanied from the beginning by reports from the psychologist, the social worker and, where appropriate, the forensic doctor. The women will leave the office with the measures of protection that are considered necessary police, and also, directed towards other social resources dependent on the Generalitat, highlights Bravo.

The office has been outlined for a year and a half with the collaboration of women's organizations and experts in gender violence. The counselor, appointed at the request of the PSOE, ensures that the project was presented to the Ministry of the Interior at the time of the previous holder of the portfolio, Juan Ignacio Zoido, of the PP, without finding "receptivity". And that after the arrival of the socialist Pedro Sanchez to the Government, the ministry has, instead, given full support to the initiative. Depending on the result, Bravo adds, the office will grow or replicate in other Valencian cities.


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