The first phase of the "Safe Christmas" operation in the Dominican Republic closes with twelve dead

The first phase of the "Safe Christmas" operation in the Dominican Republic closes with twelve dead

Eleven people died in traffic accidents in the Dominican Republic during the first phase of the device "Christmas Safe", two of them outside the area of ​​action of the operation, and was recorded a death by alcohol intoxication, which adds twelve deaths between Sunday and on Tuesday.

The director of the Emergency Operations Center, Juan Manuel Méndez, appeared at a press conference to take stock of this first phase of the security plan, developed from Sunday until 6:00 pm local time (22:00 GMT) on December 25.

During the operation there were 103 traffic accidents, (61 on streets and avenues and 42 on highways and highways), involving 55 motorcycles, 25 light vehicles and ten heavy vehicles, while the number of abuses amounted to thirteen.

We treated 528 people intoxicated by alcohol, resulting in the death of an adult, according to the report reported by Méndez, who pointed out that of the total of intoxicated 35 were minors between the ages of 12 and 17 years. We also treated 99 people for food poisoning.

In the period, the authorities attended 6,632 attendances, of which 4,718 were road type, consisting of rubber changes, fuel supply, trailers and mechanical help on highways, streets and avenues, carried out by the Military and Police Commission.

The other 1,914 aid actions were of a medical nature, and were carried out in mobile clinics and hospitals, according to the COE report.

The Ministry of Defense had three aircraft to monitor the main roads in the country to meet any requirement of the relief agencies and in support of the National Police to ensure the security of the installed device.

The National Institute of Traffic and Land Transportation (Intrant) inspected 218 intersections; the entrances and exits of the Greater Santo Domingo were monitored, and 36 faults in the traffic light system were solved to guarantee the efficient operation of the same.

In addition, 12,021 permits were issued for the transport of cargo, only for the movement of fuel and perishable food in a short time, and in trucks with no more than one tail.

Visual technical inspections were carried out on 8,900 public passenger transport units nationwide, of which 38% corresponded to interurban transport units, for which replacement or repair of 135 tires, 890 lights and 47 broken windows were ordered.

The General Directorate of Traffic Safety and Land Transportation (Digesett) carried out 285 road assistance; he also retained 292 heavy vehicles for driving without permission, as well as 2,020 motorcycles because his driver did not wear a helmet; there were 175 inspected for driving without lights, and another 3,392 for various faults.

The Specialized Body for Fuel Control carried out 214 inspections of vehicles that transport fuels on the main roads and highways nationwide.

For its part, the Civil Defense installed two field hospitals, 306 relief stations, nine regional posts, 13 vans, seven vehicular rescue units and 21 ambulances.

Its personnel provided 444 assists, consisting of domestic emergencies, pressure shots, epigastralgia, headaches, healing and dispatch of minor accidents, among other actions.

The second phase of the operation "Safe Christmas, A Pact For Life 2018-2019 will begin next Friday, 28 and will involve more than 39,000 personnel from 22 institutions.


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