July 3, 2020

The first caravan of Honduran immigrants leaves for the United States

About 200 Honduran immigrants set off in a caravan tonight towards the Corinth sector, a border point with Guatemala, as part of a massive mobilization that was initially announced for Wednesday.

Immigrants, among men, women and children, decided to go through Corinto (Caribbean department of Cortes) after the lack of a common agreement with another sector that stands firm that they will do so tomorrow via Agua Caliente (western department of Ocotepeque).

The concentration of hundreds of people, from various regions of Honduras, has been as in four other caravans that left between October 2018 and April 2019, in an intercity bus station at the southern tip of the city of San Pedro Sula , the second most important in Honduras.


Before the first group left, there were expressions of rejection against former deputy Bartolo Fuentes, of the opposition Libertad y Refundación (Libre) Party, whose general coordinator is former president Manuel Zelaya.

While some of the immigrants demanded that Bartolo withdraw from the caravan and not accompany them because they do not want to politicize mass mobilization, the former deputy accused one of the participants of being a “coyote” or a person trafficker.

“He is a coyote, he cannot go in the caravan,” Fuentes harangued surrounded by many of the immigrants, among whom some insisted on leaving for Agua Caliente and others for Corinth.

Among immigrants, the general opinion is that they leave because they have no job and the insecurity that the country is experiencing.

One of the immigrants, from Villa Nueva, Cortés, told Efe that she was asking people to find on the way to the border with Guatemala to help them with cars for children, diapers, clothes and some food because they are poor and need help.

In the intercity bus station, about 500 people continued tonight, many of them children accompanied in some cases with their two parents and in others with only one of them.

Human rights organizations, representatives of the United Nations and churches, among others, are accompanying the caravan, which nobody officially summoned, but a general call was made through social networks.

The lack of leadership at the head of the caravan organization made it difficult to decide whether to go for Agua Caliente or Corinto. In the end, the caravan this time is leaving by two border points with Guatemala.


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