The first act of 'Sumar', the listening process for Yolanda Díaz, will be on July 8 in Madrid

The Second Vice President and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, has already set a date for the first act of 'Sumar', the listening process with which she intends to outline a possible candidacy for the 2023 general elections. It will be on July 8 in Madrid and, according to sources close to the process, it will consist of an event “open to civil society” in which Díaz will interact with the attendees, to whom his team wants to give full prominence, listening and taking note of their concerns and proposals.

'Sumar': Yolanda Díaz registers the name of her project to reach the generals

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With this act, "a true citizen conversation will start to raise a country project for the next decade", as defined by the vice president's team. "A path begins that will take us throughout the country for the next six months," explain sources close to the process, who consider it "lucky" that the hearing begins "the same week in which LGBTI Pride is celebrated in Madrid." , which they define as “a party of freedom and rights”.

'Sumar' has already registered the request to hold the event with the Madrid City Council, and is awaiting confirmation to make public the exact place where the first listening step will take place.

Along with the name brand and logo -which is provisional-, the vice president's team also registered its statutes last month, which set out the goals and activities of the platform that will seek a "new democratic contract" with citizens and that intends to "think together that country project that renews hope” of the Spanish people. Her team insists that 'Add' is not the definitive electoral brand. And in that the hypothetical candidacy of Díaz would come out of the process that is now opening and will be a consequence of it.

The document that appears in Interior establishes that the association has among its purposes "to promote democratic commitment and the participation of citizens in public life", as well as "to encourage and strengthen citizen and civil society participation to improve the quality of democracy and human development”. In addition to "contributing to the development of critical thinking", 'Sumar' aims to "encourage study, research, reflection and debate on the main social, economic and political problems".

One of the main objectives of the association is also "to seek the link with social movements, citizens and other entities of civil society". Likewise, it tries to “contribute to the consolidation of networks for the exchange of experiences and knowledge in the field of democratic participation”.

To fulfill all these purposes, the association of Yolanda Díaz, as stated in the statutes, will organize "meetings, meetings, colloquiums, congresses and any other type of public events", in addition to promoting "spaces for debate, collaboration or cooperation" with the citizenship. Nor is it ruled out that 'Sumar' prepares and publishes "studies, investigations, diagnoses and dissemination materials", or "promotes awareness campaigns related to the purposes of the association".

Díaz has already made it clear that, in his listening process, does not want tutelage or conditions of the different parties of the confederal space, among which are Podemos, IU or En Comú Podem.

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