The first 30 prefabricated homes for the victims of La Palma are already in El Paso

The Deputy Minister of the Presidency of the Government of the Canary Islands, Antonio Olivera, detailed this afternoon, after government council held at the headquarters of the Presidency of The Gran Canarian palms, the measures adopted so far by the regional Executive to help those affected by the eruption of the La Palma volcano. Among the main novelties, Olivera highlighted the contribution, in the short term, of 900,000 euros more in aid from the Ministry of Social Rights, a figure that is added to the 320,000 regional euros already distributed between the affected consistories and that will be reinforced with 5 million euros provided by the State, which will be channeled through this autonomous department.

Olivera also highlighted that The first 30 manufactured homes of the 200 that the Government will acquire are already in the municipality of El Paso for families affected by the eruption. These first 30 prefabricated buildings are already located in that locality, being the first to have announced the transfer of land for their location.

What’s more, The Government deeded this morning, before a notary public, the purchase of the 18 homes announceds, which will be completed in the medium term with another batch of about 45 and with new additions until the end of the year for a total of 107 in this phase, which is the figure contemplated in the calendar made public so far.

Both the prefabricated buildings and these acquired houses are part of the temporary housing solutions, waiting to obtain the necessary land to guarantee one of the great long-term objectives: the roots of those affected in areas as close as possible to their previous ones through housing definitive. As indicated by the Deputy Minister of the Presidency, the Government is in negotiations with the municipalities of Los Llanos de Aridane and Tazacorte to have land for said prefabricated buildings as soon as possible.

130 registered in the single registry

Olivera also highlighted the step taken since yesterday with the incorporation of the single registry. During the first day of validity, a total of 103 people registered in this resource in person at the Single Office for attention to the affected, located in the Casa de Massieu, in Los Llanos de Aridane. In addition, another 27 did so electronically and Olivera hopes to maintain this rate until including between 700 and 900 in the first closing of the list, scheduled for next Tuesday.

The deputy counselor underlines the importance of this registry and the website created in order to speed up the aid and all the information about the volcano as much as possible. As he stressed, the objective is to minimize the efforts of the affected people and that the administrations can access their data once they give their consent and through a single presentation of documents.

In fact, and as he explained, a part of the social workers who have been attending to the affected families in the Single Office moved yesterday and today to the hotels in Fuencaliente and Los Llanos where a total of 470 people are housed (393 and 67, respectively) to complete part of the necessary data, such as bank account numbers or the signature to be able to access the rest of the information that is required in each particular case.

In this sense, Olivera highlights the commitment that the Government is making to guarantee this urgent housing solution and also referred to the effort made in recent days so that face-to-face classes can be resumed in the educational centers of the Aridane valley after the suspension for the high level of ash in the area. He also recalled that 4 million have been earmarked for the start-up of two desalination plants for irrigation in farms isolated by runoffs. Two mechanisms that, although one is now being repaired due to filter problems due to the high level of ash, are already making it possible to offer water to prevent the loss of plantations and future crops.


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