The fines that can put you in a parking lot and that take many drivers by surprise - La Provincia

Who has not gone in contradirection in the parking lot of a shopping center, occupied two places or one for the disabled, thinking that there can not be fined? Although these practices are more common than desirable because people believe that in these spaces they cannot be sanctioned, the truth is that despite being private the parking of a supermarket or shopping center is considered as a public road to be used public and be used by a large number of users. Therefore, any driver who commits an infraction in these spaces could be sanctioned in the same way than in the city streets or on the road.

In fact, it is not so rare to see how the authorities remove a vehicle from a disabled parking space. In these "holes" you can only park vehicles with the badge and the relevant authorization, so that if you don't take it, a car can be denounced and removed from them, just like on a public road. In most cases it is the parking regulator itself that calls the crane in these cases.

Another very common infraction in parking lots is to drive in counter direction. In this case, it is not usual for a driver to be sanctioned, but instead if a traffic accident is incurred for committing this irregularity, the offender will assume the blame of the coup after debugging the responsibilities of each of the drivers.

And what about the home garage?

The garage of a community of neighbors It is not considered for public use but private, so you cannot receive a fine when committing a violation. On the other hand, if you could receive a judicial requirement if you park for long periods of time and in a continuous way in a place that does not apply to you, upon receiving the complaint from the owner of the place. But this It has nothing to do with the traffic code.

Therefore, the most advisable thing is to drive and behave in a parking lot for public use as in the street or on the road, if one does not want to be exposed to be fined.


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