March 9, 2021

The fines of Central Madrid come back this Monday after the suspension of the moratorium

Madrid City Council will reimpose as of Monday the vehicles that enter Madrid without permission, after the Contentious-Administrative Court number 24 of Madrid paralyzed last Friday the moratorium on fines that had activated the co-government municipal PP and Cs.

The entry into force of the suspension of the fines of Madrid Central agreed by the mayor, José Luis Martínez Almeida (PP), which governs in coalition with Citizens, was braked preventively on Friday after the appeal presented by the organizations Ecologists in Action and Greenpeace to paralyze the municipal decision.

Upon hearing the car, the consistory indicated that it would be effective as of Monday, as they were notified last Friday after three in the afternoon, so, according to the PP, the "term effects of the appeal is as if he had communicated on Monday. "

In addition, the municipal executive has argued that during this weekend much of the Central Madrid area has had traffic restrictions due to the Pride celebrations.

The moratorium that began on July 1 and lasted until September 30 has lasted a week, so that drivers who inappropriately access this area of ​​low emissions will receive a penalty.

Central Madrid was one of the star measures of the previous municipal government, of Manuela Carmena. On November 30, 2018 this area of ​​low emissions came into force, although only as of March 16 began the fines for breach of the regulations, with a cost of 90 euros (45 with prompt payment).

Vehicles with the distinction of the DGT of Zero and Eco labels and residents can enter the area of ​​low emissions of 42 hectares. Cars with badges B and C can access Madrid Central if they park in a parquin or if they have an invitation, which must be requested by a resident.

On the other hand, vehicles that do not have a label can access until 2020 if they have the invitation of a resident.

The reactivation of the fines a week after the moratorium applied by the City Council is due to the fact that the Justice – after the appeal filed by Ecologists in Action and Greenpeace – decided to paralyze the measure in a precautionary manner "provisionally" and "immediately complied", and gives the municipal government a period of three days to claim "what I deem prudent."

The City Council has already warned that the judicial decision will be appealed "in time, and form" and the Deputy Mayor of Madrid, Begoña Villacís, affirmed that they would apply with full respect from Monday the precautionary suspension of the moratorium on fines of Central Madrid decided by the Justice, and recalled that it is "a precautionary measure, not definitive."

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