May 14, 2021

The finding of a possible 'banksy' mobilizes the Government of Tokyo | Culture

The finding of a possible 'banksy' mobilizes the Government of Tokyo | Culture

The discovery in Tokyo of graffiti similar to the enigmatic British artist Banksy It has revolutionized the social networks of the country and the Government of the capital, which is trying to verify if it is the premiere in Japan of the elusive urban artist.

"We have found a drawing of a cute mouse that may be Banksy's work in the metropolitan area! Will it be a gift to Tokyo?" It seems that he is carrying a briefcase, "wrote the governor of the capital, Yuriko Koike, in a message published in his social networks yesterday, Thursday, and that he illustrated with a portrait next to graffiti.

The drawing, smaller in height than an A4 sheet, shows a mouse holding an umbrella, and was discovered in a metal barrier near the Hinode station, in the area of ​​Tokyo Bay. The authorities of this capital knew about the illustration after being asked about it by a citizen at the end of 2018, but the viralization of the discovery was extended after Koike's message.

The piece of metal on which the illustration was made was removed and moved to a warehouse, for fear that it will be damaged by the curious after having gone viral, the Japanese news agency Kyodo reported. "Graffiti is unacceptable, but if the image is authentic, we must preserve it," an official told the media. However, the attitude of the authorities has been criticized by some users on the Net, who have realized that graffiti in Japan is illegal and often entails punishments and severe fines for its authors.

Surrounded by mystery due to its anonymity and the satirical tone of his drawings, Banksy, the most coveted graffiti artist, frequently surprises with new drawings in different corners of the planet. The last work that was attributed to him appeared on the facade of a garage in Wales (United Kingdom) last December, for which a local buyer offered 100,000 pounds (113,000 euros).


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