The final twist of ‘Behind His Eyes’

Actress Eve Hewson, one of the revelations of the thriller & # 039; Behind your eyes & # 039;

Actress Eve Hewson, one of the revelations of the thriller ‘Behind her eyes’

Two are the tricks of the miniseries ‘Behind their eyes’: her crazy twist ending and the actress’s performance Eve hewson. We will talk about the second below. At the moment we focus on the first, which is what has given the most to talk about during these days. Without that rudder in the last episode that takes the most unsuspecting viewer by surprise, it would surely be a thriller with erotic twists of the lot. But it has become the latest fashion series of Netflix and in an unexpected success. To the point that someone is already imagining the possibility of continuing it with a second season. I would ask these to restrain their cravings. Better to leave everything as it is and that the thing does not take longer than necessary. Something like what happened with ‘For Thirteen Reasons’ is not going to happen.

Behind His Eyes is a thriller created by Steve Lighthfood, a regular contributor to the platform for which he worked behind some scripts in ‘Narcos’, or as a producer in the small screen adaptation of the vigilante with the skull from Marvel comics , ‘The Punisher’. This new six-episode job is a kind of revival of those thrillers with psychopath that proliferated so much on the big screen and in the tabletop TV movies during the 90s. The genre took a turn after the premiere of ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ (by the way Lightfood was producer of the television version of Hannibal) and a long list of titles appeared in which the The lives of its protagonists were turned upside down after some of these psychokillers arrived to embitter their existence. ‘Basic Instinct ‘,’ The hand that rocks the cradle ‘,’ Suddenly a stranger ‘,’ Single white woman seeks’, ‘Wild games’ …

Knowing that in this miniseries the plot took an unexpected turn at the last minuteIt was all a matter of sitting down and waiting to see which of these referents the scriptwriters were going to choose to shoot. We are not going to detail the surprise here because of the spoilers, except to explain that one of the assets to be unexpected is the sudden gender change. Suddenly, We are no longer facing a thriller and we go to the terrain of the supernatural, achieving an effect that caught more than one off guard. Something very from the cinema M. Night Shyamalan and its thousand times imitated outcome of ‘The sixth sense’. Because until that moment WTF (What the fuck / What the fuck …) we had already seen it in other types of movies as well.

Telling the end of ‘Behind their eyes’ is annoying the series to those who have not seen it. In some chronicles (which I made the firm intention not to read) they already drop it to the third line. No hot cloths and no holds barred. Although, I do not want anyone to get a false impression. The ending makes it better than it was, but it is that we were not facing a great series either. Netflix manages with it to repeat the formula that is giving such good results during this phase of the pandemic, where its premieres become one of the best leisure options for a weekend of semi-closure at home. Are short series, easy to watch before having to go back to work on Monday, making the confinement more bearable. The following week another premiere will arrive that will make us forget it. The platform appears to be on a roll after several weeks of HBO has not released anything from the other Thursday. I suppose the stoppage of filming is already beginning to take its toll on the competition’s platform.

It all begins as the classic story of a divorced girl meets a guy during a night who gets stuck while he goes out for drinks. This that the series takes things from here and there we have it clear from the beginning, since that that their occasional one-night stand later turns out to be their boss is something that we already saw in the beginning ofGrey’s Anatomy’. David (Tom Bateman) and Louise (Simona Brown) they could have been a perfect match were it not for the fact that he is married. Things get a little more twisted when she meets the woman and becomes her best friend, behind her husband’s back. From the first moment that Louise bumps into Adele in the street, we are clear that this meeting is not by chance.

We said at the beginning that, in addition to the twist, the other great asset of the series is the interpretation of Eve Hewson. The actress is the daughter of Bond, the singer of the mythical band U2, and he has been doing roles on the small and on the big screen for a few years now. This series has been his greatest success and we are facing a budding star. In his scenes he eats his co-stars. And it is that when it is your turn to play the villain on duty, it is when more opportunities you can let your hair down. Although it does not always go well. These are such powerful characters whose shadow will forever haunt their interpreters. What Anthony Perkins couldn’t flee from Norman Bates after ‘Psycho’, or we never saw him anymore Robert Englund as cute Willy, the renegade lizard from ‘Alien Invasion V’, when he donned Freddie Krueger’s hat.

Adele is fragile at times, disturbing at others. We know he’s up to something, but not what. From the first moment Louise bumps into her, she makes you want to yell at her: “Run away!” Somehow we intuited that none of this could end well. Louise believes that she is freely making all her decisions but is unaware that she is only following a path that has already been mapped out for her beforehand. Because throughout the miniseries, we are given the pieces to assemble the puzzle. It will not be until the last moment when the plan will be revealed to us in all its magnitude.

When we understand that perhaps the one who has the least idea of ​​the reasons why his marriage is no longer working is David himself. And look where, it turns out that the plot of the series that least interested me, it did have a lot of importance. Although that could be seen coming. The series can be a before and after in Eve Hewson’s career. Surely after this work you will receive new orders. Now you have the option of moving forward or not being pigeonholed. Will it be trapped in Adele’s body?


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