The final report of the Lezo case maintains that Ignacio González agreed commissions with OHL for the train to Navalcarnero

The final report of the Lezo case maintains that Ignacio González agreed commissions with OHL for the train to Navalcarnero

The Central Operative Unit of the Civil Guard has delivered its final report on one of the pieces of the corruption case Lezo and the commissions from the project to take the train to the Madrid town of Navalcarnero. A document, advance by Cadena SER and to which has had access, which underpins the accusation that the construction company OHL paid commissions of more than one million euros to the former president of Madrid, Ignacio González, and Ildefonso de Miguel, former director of Canal de Isabel II, in exchange of the award.

They open a trial against Ignacio González for the award of the Navalcarnero train

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The investigation into the corruption that supposedly surrounded the adjudication of this failed project to take the train to Navalcarnero, a town with more than 30,000 inhabitants in the south of the Community of Madrid, is one of those that is on the verge of trial within the cause Lezo. Anti-corruption has already requested four years in prison for Ignacio González, as advanced in December 2020, in addition to six years for Javier López Madrid, then a director of the construction company.

For the prosecutor in the case, Ana Cuenca, the order was for OHL to pay 2.5 million dollars from a company account at Banco Santander to its accounts in Mexico shortly after the project was awarded to the construction company. Later it was Adrián de la Joya, according to the Prosecutor's Office, who moved that money through Panama to Switzerland to later withdraw it in cash and put it in the hands of Ildefonso de Miguel so that the loot would be distributed under unknown conditions. For De Miguel, the Prosecutor's Office asks for four years in prison and for De la Joya three and a half years.

The report that the UCO has contributed to the procedure supports this accusation. “It was an operation carried out from Spain and the fact that the funds traveled to Switzerland through two Mexican companies of the OHL group allows us to infer that an attempt was made to avoid ordering transfers from the OHL accounts in Spain to the account in Switzerland. of the intermediary in the commissions to ensure the trace of the funds”, says the document on the role of OHL.

The payments, according to this report, were commissions and one of their recipients was the former president of the Community of Madrid. "Elements have been collected that point to Ignacio González as one of the recipients," says the UCO. Among other things, they point to conversations between Francisco Granados and Javier López Madrid, the statement by businessman David Marjaliza or the "strange" knowledge that González had of the entire corrupt operation.

González, explains the UCO, was the contact with López Madrid in the Community. The businessman asked for favorable treatment, explains the report, "such as to try to avoid pressure from the Community of Madrid to start the works on the train or in relation to the award of the contract for the City of Justice."

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