May 18, 2021

The final of the Libertadores will be played outside of Argentina on December 8 or 9 | sports

The final of the Libertadores will be played outside of Argentina on December 8 or 9 | sports

The return of the endless stormy final between River Plate and Boca Juniors will be played on December 8 or 9 "in a venue to be defined" outside of Argentina. The decision of the Conmebol, the highest authority of South American football, punishes River, near whose stadium there was the attack on the bus in which Boca players traveled. The violent incidents forced to suspend both on Saturday and Sunday the return of the final of the Copa Libertadores between the two enemy brothers of Argentine football. The going, in the Bombonera de Boca, ended in a draw with two goals.

Alejandro Dominguez, president of Conmebol, said after a meeting in Asunción (Paraguay) with the presidents of both clubs that the final decisions would be adopted as soon as a resolution was available by the disciplinary committee. Therefore, there is still the possibility that the return is canceled. That's what Boca Juniors demands, whose president, Daniel AngeliciHe insisted during the meeting that the only acceptable solution from his point of view was the disqualification of River and the delivery of the title to his rival.

In principle, Conmebol prefers that the meeting be played in Asunción (Paraguay) and without public. Offers to run with the travel expenses of the two teams and their corresponding delegations "up to 40 people". Asunción police have already been commissioned to prepare a security device.

Boca goes beyond: does not want to play. Just minutes after publicizing the decision of the Conmebol to set a date for the match, Angelici announced his intention to go to the Court of Appeals, an instance within Conmebol itself that, in first and second instance, can decide that the return is not disputed. In case the decision is not favorable to Boca, the leader did not rule out even going to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS, for its acronym in English), the highest sports arbitration body. "I'm happy with Dominguez's words, but not with having set a date, Boca does not want to play, we have elements to disqualify River," Angelici said.

On the other hand, River did not even count on the match to leave Argentina. On Sunday, after knowing the second suspension of the second leg, the club's president, Rodolfo D'Onofrio, was sure that the game would not leave the Monumental stadium, remembering that the agreement not to play was part of a "pact of Gentlemen "between the two teams of Buenos Aires:" Everything they want to add to the agreement we made yesterday would be a lack of words. "River generously said that he did not want advantages," I have no doubt that the final will be in River and with people, it's sad that, for 15 misfits, we have to live all this. "

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