The final of ‘Got Talent’, most famous in ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’ and ‘Sherlock Holmes’

Chicote will be in & # 039; Who wants to be a millionaire? & # 039 ;.

Chicote will be in ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’.

The sixth edition of ‘Got Talent’ arrives this Friday (22:00 hours) to its grand finale in Telecinco. The dancers Stefanny and Michael, the artist Alex Dowis, the singer Juan Carlos Martos, the ventriloquist Celia Muñoz, the singer Chus Serrano, the flamenco Cristian Montilla, the acrobatic duo Believe, the singer Elsa Tortonda, the bailaora María Cruz, the duo dancers Papa et Neylia, the magician Santi Marcilla and the Violincheli Brothers will fight to win in the Fremantle format (‘Mask Singer’, ‘The right price’, ‘The dancer’) and win the prize of 25,000 euros.

Robert Downing Jr. and Jude Low as Sherlock and Watson

At 10:15 p.m., a new pass from ‘Sherlock Holmes’ comes tonight to The 1 of TVE. The detective (Robert Downey Jr.) and his staunch partner Watson (Jude Law) must use their intellectual acumen and all kinds of resources and skills to face a new enemy and unravel a plot that could destroy the country.

Leo Harlem, Espido Freire and Chicote, on Antena 3

Antenna 3 broadcasts tonight (10:10 pm) a new installment of the famous edition of ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’. In this installment, Leo Harlem, Espido Freire and Alberto Chicote will be the guests who will put their knowledge to the test and try to win the highest possible prize for the NGO they decide in the contest presented by Juanra Bonet.

’24 hours to live ‘ will be the bet of Four for the night (22:00 hours) of this Friday. In this film starring Ethan Hawke and Rutger Hauer, a professional assassin dies during one of his jobs, but is brought back to life for a day with the task of fulfilling an important mission. He will then have to team up with the spy who murdered him in order to take revenge on the powerful criminal syndicate that killed his family. To achieve this, you will only have 24 hours …

In addition, in the sixth, ‘Research team’ will name tonight (10:30 pm) the foods that contain the most pesticides. The space presented by Gloria Serra moves to a banana plantation in the Canary Islands to show how they have been trying to cultivate without Chlorpyrifos, the most used pesticide for two years. The experiment has been really beneficial. But this ban has caused the average cost of Spanish bananas to increase by 92%. The latest ban on a pesticide affects Galician potatoes. Farmers say that Chlorpropham prevents the potato from germinating and this will cause a shortage for two months.


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