Fri. Feb 28th, 2020

The final bonfire, live


Ishmael: “I need an explanation, to know the reason for your attitude. I don’t deserve the damage it has caused me. ”


Ishmael: “For me it has been a total disappointment. I have discovered a person I did not recognize. ”


Ishmael is already in the final bonfire of
The island of temptations!


Andrea: “I am still not clear about my decision. If I am not clear, I will go with Oscar.”


Ishmael says that this experience will not stop believing in love and that he wants to see
Andrea To really know what happened.


Start the
Gala 10 from
The island of temptations!


Before heading to Spain, the
couples of the program presented by
Monica Naranjo they will analyze face to face what happened after a time separated in a final bonfire that some wait impatiently and others with certain reluctance.


Missing too little to start the
Gala 10 from
The island of temptations! We review what awaits us!


In the same way, the boys had to say goodbye to
Katerina, Andrea, Lourdes and Jenny Is it the last time they meet?


“Never change. I had a great time with you,” he said
Adelina to


“I know that if everything goes as I want, I will not see you again,” he said tearfully
Fiama to
Joy What will the contestant mean?


“I will act based on my feelings, I have always liked that you understand me and leave me my space, whatever happens I want to continue seeing you, even if only for a friendship,” he confessed
Andrea to


“For me this is a see you later, it has been very cool and I liked sharing this experience with you,” he said
Suzanne to


Remember that last Thursday the girls had to say goodbye to the singles with whom they have lived in the reaiity: “Do not be so sad, I do not want to see that face, it seems like a goodbye until never. I am very sorry that this is over because the moments we have lived here in this intense way are not going to live again, ”he assured her
Fani to


“I left that day very whole but when I arrived in Madrid I collapsed. I wanted her to leave, although when I left the last thing I wanted to see was to forget everything, I didn’t want to know anything about her, I wanted to erase. But it was me impossible, because in spite of everything I still love him, “he confessed excitedly.


“I told her to take off her ring because for me it was a test of love from when I asked her to marry. I spoke with love because I still loved her. That day I avoided looking at her because she said, ‘If I love her,'” he explained.


“I never expected everything he said to me. He will have many bad things and he will have many good things, but one of the bad things is that he never looks for the good side of things, always the bad one. He has never valued me. I went to the bonfire with illusion of speaking things, thinking that it was a stage that had passed and forgiving it ”, confessed the contestant.


Remember that in your interview with
Sandra Barneda The last friday,
Christofer He couldn’t help the tears when talking about the bonfire of confrontation.


However, it seems that
Ruben It is not so clear. Tonight,
Ruben you must finally pronounce on your feelings towards


Finally, after the abandonment of
Christofer, Fani will share the final bonfire with
Ruben. Fani is very clear that he wants to leave The Island of Temptations with his beloved.


The young woman will ask the Sevillian for explanations of her behavior with
Katerina Y
Gonzalo It will be completely misplaced.


On the other hand,
Suzanne will star in a strong discussion with
Gonzalo In the final bonfire. The contestant has repeatedly assured that her boyfriend’s behavior has given her “disgust.”


There will also be an exciting event that will be a before and after in the couple.
José marriage to


The doubts that
José has shown during the experience have not pleased
Adelina, who will ask her boyfriend for explanations in the final bonfire.


For its part,
Alex maintains that he has not made any pact with
Julian. In addition, they have not liked many of the attitudes of
Fiama in
The island of temptations.


Fiama will meet again with
Alex after the bonfire of confrontation maintained by both, with the intention of clarifying whether or not your partner has followed a strategy during his time in the program.


On the other hand, Murcia seems to be clear that the relationship is over, but needs an explanation about what happened.


On the other hand, the Murcia is speechless with the behavior of
Ishmael It seems clear that the relationship is over.


Andrea will go to the reunion with doubts and break to cry. Although his relationship with
Oscar live one of her best moments, the young woman fears that she will see again
Ishmael Suppose a flowering of your feelings towards him. In addition, he will throw many things in his boy’s face.


After viewing the images and making a joint assessment between the two, the protagonists will face an important decision before ending their experience in the Dominican Republic: abandon
The island of temptations with your partners, alone … or with another person.


Good evening and welcome to follow up
live of the
Gala 10 from
The island of temptations! Before heading to Spain, the
couples of the program presented by
Monica Naranjo they will analyze face to face what happened after a time separated in a final bonfire that some wait impatiently and others with certain reluctance.

The vanguard We will be doing a preview of everything that has happened these days in
The island of temptations until the start of broadcast at 10:45 p.m.

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