July 8, 2020

The filmmaker Javier Aguirre dies at 84 – La Provincia

The filmmaker Javier Aguirre, creator of the 'anticine' and author of tapes such as 'Life / Bitch', 'Beaten meat' or 'Medea 2', has died at age 84, as confirmed by the Film Academy.

Author of a personal and unusual cinema, and also of a commercial cinema with several blockbusters, Aguirre began in the early 60s with experimental and avant-garde shorts that were awarded at festivals – 'Pasajes tres (the old, the new and more) 'won the Golden Shell for the best short film of the San Sebastian Festival. Aguiire was awarded in 2019 with Esperanza Roy with the Academy Gold Medal.

Director, screenwriter, producer and director of photography, the San Sebastian filmmaker has always been interested in the 'anticine', according to his own definition, and investigating the language. In his eclectic filmography, which exceeds 80 titles, are 'Once a year being hippy doesn't hurt' or 'Growing leg, waning skirt', among others.

There are also other titles like 'Single and mother in life ',' By profession his labors ',' Wife by day, lover by night ',' In search of the lost egg'and films with Los Bravos, Raphael, María Jesús and his accordion, the Parcheesi group and Tuesday and Thirteen, in addition to experiments such as' Variations 1/113', which reproduces 113 times, with slight alterations, the kiss between Javier Bardem and Inés Tailor.

Protagonist of '(aguirre)', a documentary that was presented at the Malaga Festival, his latest work was 'Sol', on Madrid's Puerta del Sol shot in two periods – from 1967 to 1970 in black and white, and the contemporary filmed between 2005 and 2009 in color–.

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