The filmmaker Diego Galn dies at age 72

The filmmaker Diego Galn dies at age 72

The filmmaker and criticDiego Galn has died at 72 years of age, as announced in the Twitter account of the San Sebastian Festival, which he directed during two stages, from 1986 to 1989 and from 1995 to 2000.

"Diego forever.You turned the San Sebastian Festival into a festival of alland we will never forget you. Find your film wherever you are ... ", has pointed out in his account the festival directed by Jos Luis Rebordinos.

The Film Academy awarded him last October theGold Medal for his "admirable trajectory and his constant support to the Spanish cinema", an award that is added to the Alfonso Snchez Award that the institution awarded him in 2010.

According to the biography prepared by the Film Academy, Galn, journalist, film critic and former director of the San Sebastian Festival, began to criticize in 1967 in the magazine 'Nuestro cine'. Later, I developed this work in 'Triunfo' and in 'El Pas', a diary with which he continues to collaborate today.

Galn is the director of numerous documentaries focused on the history of Spanish cinema and has directed, among others, works about the editor Pablo G. del Amo ('Pablo G. del Amo, an editor of illusions'), the San Sebastian Festival ( 'A story of Zinemaldia') and has addressed how Spanish cinema has represented throughout history the woman ('With the broken leg') and the man ('Manda eggs').

In addition, according to the Academy,his work has also been developed in television, with the non-fiction series 'Memorias del cine espaol' and 'Queridos cmicos'.

In addition, he is also the author ofseveral books about Spanish cinema,among them '18 post-war Spaniards' --in collaboration with Fernando Lara--; 'Ventures and Misadventures of the Anglica Cousin'; 'Berlanga or the cinema died of hunger'; 'Fernando Fernn-Gmez, passionate adventures of a very red-haired man'; 'Emiliano Piedra, a producer'; 'Jaime de Armian; 15 letters to Fernando Rey '; 'The good memory of Fernando Fernn-Gmez'; 'Pilar Mir: nobody taught me how to live'; and '50 years of shooting. San Sebastian Film Festival.


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