The filming of 'Rambo V' in the Canary Islands starts on November 12

The filming of 'Rambo V' in the Canary Islands starts on November 12

The filming in Tenerife of the American blockbuster 'Rambo V' will start next November 12th and continue until December 16th. The first vehicles and materials necessary for the recording have already begun to arrive in Puerto de Santa Cruz. The capital of Chicharrera, Abades and the Environmental Center of Arico are the places chosen for the scenes that will be recorded on the Island. This Thursday, October 18 in Santa Cruz will take place the casting of figuration for that movie. The selection, organized by Casting Canarias, will take place in the Auditorium.

'Rambo V'look for women and men with "Latino traits" between 18 and 80 years old. Likewise, we seek, for more specific figurations, people from Mexico, dancers with Latin features, men "with many tattoos", "muscular" men and men with "whiskers and knobs".

All those who want to participate in the aforementioned casting will have to register in advance filling out a form. It is essential to be a resident of the island of Tenerife and have availability to shoot between November 12 and December 16.

The registration will be closed when the 2,500 applications are received, in order, according to Canarian Casting sources, to "avoid large queues". The organizers want to make it clear that they will not serve those citizens who have not registered previously, as well as those who, despite having filled out the form, do not give with the profile you are looking for.

The American film 'Rambo V', whose saga began in 1982, is directed by Adrian Grunner and starring Silvester Stallone. Also count on the Spanish actors Paz Vega, as female protagonist, and Sergio Peris-Mencheta, who will be the villain.

'Rambo V: Last Blood', which is currently being shot in Bulgaria, show Rambo chasing Mexican drug cartels after the daughter of one of his friends is kidnapped, according to reports of digital espionage. Paz Vega plays a reporter named Carmen delgado. It is her stepsister who is kidnapped, so she joins Rambo to get her back. Yvette Monreal joins the cast as Gabrielle, the woman who is kidnapped, and Sergio Peris-Mencheta play Hugo Martnez, the main villain who is the leader of a violent drug cartel.

In Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the scenes they are recorded in eight locations, located mainly in the districts of Salud-La Salle and Ofra-Costa Sur. The recruitment of more than 450 people is expected, of which some 300 will be extras. Tailors, security personnel, cartoonists, travel assistants, production assistants, peons of the transport of goods and unloaders for the setting of sets, minibus drivers, drivers, and assistant directors will also be hired to "take care of and attend to the actors ", among other positions. The Development Society foresees that the economic impact of the film in Santa Cruz will be around 15 million euros.


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