The Film Festival returns after its cancellation in 2020 with 130 titles

Announcing poster, made by Rayco Pulido, winner of the National Comic Award.  |  |  LP / DLP

Announcing poster, made by Rayco Pulido, winner of the National Comic Award. | | LP / DLP

The International Film Festival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria faces its twentieth edition in one of the most complicated settings since its birth, the one derived from the restrictions marked by the health crisis, between the next 9 and 18 April.

The appointment that remained on the air in 2020, before the state of alarm was decreed taking into account the responsibility and cancellations of guests imposed by the international situation, as explained its director Luis Miranda, will return on the dates agreed upon a posteriori: after Easter, and at the venues announced on the day: Cinesa El Muelle and Elder Museum of Science and Technology, to which is added the Miller Building in Santa Catalina Park.

The Festival, according to its organizers, will return with the firm intention of celebrating a special edition designed to be tasted in person. Although, in this regard, the director of the Festival has clarified “not alien to the context in which we find ourselves, mixed formulas will be adopted that incorporate online meetings and streaming projections, as long as producers and filmmakers authorize its online broadcast ”. This has been indicated in a press release sent by the Department of Culture, organizer of the event, to the media.

The management has ensured that a “very special Festival has been designed, according to the magnitude of the celebration, starting with a new poster signed by the National Comic Award, Rayco Polished, a tribute to great figures who are part of the history of the event, but not because of a holiday will it cease to be strictly respectful of the measures established by the institutions ”.

In the first place, the celebration of an opening act has been ruled out, “this year the Festival celebrates its twentieth edition with its public and it will do so in theaters with the projection of some 130 films between long and short. The event includes presentations by a few filmmakers, some very relevant presences, such as those already announced - in relation to the days of the cinematographic trade that will bring the interpreters Maribel Verdú, Antonio de la Torre or Javier Cámara and the filmmakers to the city Santiago Segura, Fernando Trueba and David Trueba, the latter with a film- and new additions, which I am not yet in a position to anticipate, and very unique events such as screenings of titles from the beginning of the last century with live music in tune with the International Bach Festival Canarias, among others ”has pointed out the director of the Gran Canaria event.

Regarding the sections, the Festival will add to the official competition and to the film contest that is held on the margins of the industry, with its competitive section Banda Apart, the usual sections of tracking the festival world: Panorama and Panorama España, but also his characteristic Magic Lantern (only two titles) or a Déjà Vu, in which there will be no lack of references to Chris Marker in the year in which the centenary of his birth is celebrated and the freak marathon that this year is reconverted into The afternoon more freak to adapt to curfew.

The edition will also feature brief retrospectives, yet to be finalized, and will recover 25 very significant works for the Festival that will remind its faithful of its idiosyncrasy, or will give clues to the youngest about the nature of an appointment that has turned 20 years being faithful to a very determined line of programming based on the cinema as the state of the art.

For this anthology that will be seen in streaming, with the exception of five titles that will be screened in the room, there will be works projected in the history of this festival.


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