The figure and legacy of the artist Felo Monzón will be vindicated every year at the beginning of April

Miguel Monzón, son of the artist, in front of the mural 'Composition with three figures', installed in the hall of the Cuyás Theater. / EFE

The Cabildo de Gran Canaria organizes a series of activities next week to highlight the creator from Gran Canaria

Victoriano Suarez Alamo

The enhancement of the figure and the legacy of Felo Monzón will take place annually and around April 4, the date on which he was born in 1910, the Cabildo de Gran Canaria announced yesterday. As a starting point for this initiative, next week, between the 4th and 6th, a program of activities will be developed in different enclaves of the capital of Gran Canaria under the heading 'Felo Monzón/48', which coincide with the 112th anniversary of the birth of this artist who died in February 1989.

«This program seeks to extol the figure of one of the essential Canarian creators of the 20th century. The vanguards on the islands are not understood without Felo Monzón and without his political thought », commented Guacimara Medina, Minister of Culture of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, at the presentation of the upcoming events.

He recognized that a "quite decent program" will be carried out, with all the free activities, which has been carried out in a very short time and with the involvement of different cultural institutions of the Cabildo, the artist's family, the Luján Pérez School and El Corte English.

Next Monday, the 4th, at 11:00 a.m. a floral offering will be made in front of the bust of the artist, on the avenue that bears his name in Siete Palmas, in front of El Corte Inglés. In the afternoon, starting at 5:00 p.m. in the car park next to the same commercial establishment, the Luján Pérez School will lead the creation of a series of murals. Macarena Nieves Cáceres and Luis Piernavieja Grau-Bassas will star in a poetic interpretation of the artist's piece 'Composicion Canaria' in the same place at 7:00 p.m., while half an hour later the timplista David Rodríguez 'El Majorero' and the guitarist René Falcón Machado they will also star there in the concert entitled 'Contraventura'.

Presentation of the programming, in Cuyás. /

Juan Carlos Alonso

The next day, at 12 noon, Paqui Santana and Carmine Calabresse will develop 'Performance-action-painting: flute, piano and brushes' at the IES Felo Monzón Grau-Bassas, while at 7:00 p.m., in the Sala Ámbito Cultural de El Corte Inglés de Mesa y López will hold a round table about the artist in which the Minister of Culture, Guacimara Medina, Miguel Monzón, son of the honored artist, Antonio Aguado, former secretary of the Juan Negrín Foundation, and Antonio Almeida, professor at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

'Felo Monzón/48' lowers the curtain at 11:00 a.m. on the 6th with the inauguration of the mural 'Composition with three figures', made by Felo Monzón, and which has been transferred from a meeting room in Infecar to the hall of the Cuyás Theater , since it was initially installed in this same building when it was the Cuyás Cinema. The event will feature a flute and piano recital starring Paqui Santana and Carmine Calabresse.

Orlando Hernández, director of the Luján Pérez School, claimed in the presentation held at the Cuyás the capital importance that Felo Monzón had so that this creative institution did not close its doors after the death of its director, Juan Carló, in 1928. «Without Felo Monzón cannot understand this School, neither today nor always”, pointed out the person who takes the reins of an institution that this year celebrates its 104 years of life.

Orlando Hernández took the opportunity to value as a legacy for the new generations of artists, beyond his enormous pictorial value, "the ethical and committed artist part" that always characterized Felo Monzón.

Miguel Monzón, for his part, thanked the involvement of all the parties so that 'Felo Monzón/48' has gone ahead in such a short time and the importance of vindicating the figure of his father "periodically" with a "week cultural event that coincides each year with April 4, the date of his birth».

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