The fight between Disney and Marvel puts the next films at risk

Disney and Marvel do not agree on the next releases

Marvel is a company, whose science fiction stories have captivated millions of fans around the world. With the creation of your universemore than 31 movies with very diverse characters, but who are all connected under a very well spun plot.

In order for the viewer to be able to understand this whole world, the individual filming bet more and more on counting the framework that unites them, although this arduous task is causing a discussion between disney and marvel by the number of titles taken. Although the Disney+ platform was born as an alternative to Netflix or HBO, they intend to differentiate themselves in the market by having an exclusive contract with Marvel. So far, the collaboration between the two is going well. However, with the latest installments, there has been a scandalous drop in audiencewhich has greatly concerned the brand.

Disney and Marvel are in a swing of creativity, where one bets on the quality over quantitywhile the other continues to want to create new premieres. The great dilemma of both centers on the budget of these projects, as the franchise is well known for its use of special effects, which don't exactly come cheap. Likewise, they advocate the search for a solution, in which more new characters and fewer sequels of those already known are shown.