The fight against the pandemic highlights the nurse’s commitment – La Provincia

Nurses are one of the groups most involved in the care and attention of patients

The fight against the pandemic has valued the importance of nursing. This is what Mª Ángeles Carballo, a Summa nurse who has worked as a volunteer supervisor in ward 9 of the Ifema hospital, believes. “The infirmary has become visible,” he says. “Hopefully that perception will last over time,” he yearns.

His debut in the field hospital was not easy: “I found an empty ward that would soon receive 200 patients,” he recalls. But “thanks to collaboration, solidarity and camaraderie between different levels we managed to get ahead”, he highlights.

Despite the large workload derived from the constant arrival of patients and the difficult moments they have experienced, especially on an emotional level, the experience has been “very positive”, Mª Ángeles values. The involvement of all those involved in Ifema has been exemplary. “We did not care about working hours. The most important thing was that the hospital had to function,” he declares. “The patient was our main objective. They give you everything and compensate your effort and dedication,” he adds.

The day to day in the hospital complex has left many memories, some hard and others fond. Among the first, when a woman admitted to Ifema received the news of her husband’s death, he was admitted to another hospital. Between seconds, the moment a son asked to speak to his hospitalized mother via video conference. “It was very emotional,” says the nurse, who takes the opportunity to highlight “the commendable work of my colleagues in all hospitals in Spain.”

Award-winning initiative

Other Summa nurses, Ana Ruiz and Alba Justicia, along with Samur volunteers, Mar Eguiluz and José Luis Molinero, will receive the Antonio de Sancha award from the Madrid Publishers Association for designing and managing the Resistiré Library, which has provided books , magazines, hobbies and reading glasses, from donations, to the patients of the Ifema hospital. “Humanization cures just like medication,” said Ana Ruiz, who considers books as magnificent therapeutic resources against pain, loneliness and discouragement.


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