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The Christmas Lottery spent this year on tiptoe along the southern slope of Gran Canaria. The special draw held this Sunday left so only two tenths in two administrations in the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana, how far did you travel the number 66,212, one of the eight fifth prizes that were distributed. Although it is the smallest prize of those distributed in this draw, the truth is that it has been a pinch that has known to glory a lottery that has been released this year in the Christmas Lottery.

That is the case of Lisandro García, a Teldense businessman who three years ago embarked on the venture of entrepreneurship with the opening of an administration at the El Tablero Shopping Center. The Golden Horse is the administration number 7 of San Bartolomé de Tirajana and is located in the local 7 of the commercial establishment. But nevertheless this year it could be said that his lucky number has been three. Because those are the years that this office has been open to the public Y It is the first time he has given an award in the Extraordinary Christmas Sweepstakes. The fifth prize came to the third attempt.

"We are very happy because this is our third Christmas open to the public and as they say that the third time is the charm, this time is when we have opened the bottle of champagne", explained Lisandro García, visibly excited, during the celebration of the award ceremony with his employees and his family.

When he learned that his office was one of the graces to his memory, the people of the municipality who are going through a delicate economic situation came. "We would be very happy if the prize went to one of the many people in need that they are in a stage of exit or return to enter the economic crisis; in El Tablero there are many who need it, and it would be very exciting if one of those people has been the lucky one, "said the lottery, minutes before uncovering a bottle of champagne and watering half the mall. The businessman was confident that this award it will only be the prelude to a much more juicy figure in the next El Niño draw.

Lisandro works as a commercial for a multinational and until he decided to open his business he had no experience in the lottery sector. "I did it to diversify and for the family to have a job", he explained, since his wife, Noelia Jiménez, is one of the three employees of the establishment. A shy employee, by the way, who yesterday shed tears several times for the excitement of having given this award.

During the celebration of this award, both were accompanied by the rest of the employees, Carolina Ortega and Mariluz Acosta, in addition to the future heiress of the lottery empire, Ariadna, the couple's 11-year-old daughter. And among so many people was Simba, the family's pet, who celebrated this play with a walk dressed as Santa Claus.

On Tirajana Avenue in Playa del Inglés, the Administration number 4 He delivered another fifth prize of the same number. One of its employees, Edgardo Naranjo, opened its doors only to receive the media. He was tired since the office was quite busy during the previous day. "I'm tired, but delivering a fifth prize is certainly a rush", he pointed. It is not the first time that this administration delivers a ticket at Christmas, since last year he gave the third prize. "From the third we go to the fifth, we go down, but the important thing is to continue giving awards," he said.

The only two fifth prizes that the South received this year contrast the situation of last year, when in the southeast and south of the island the Gordo surprised three administrations and the fifth prize to many others.

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