The FIA ​​will review the accident between Verstappen and Hamilton

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.

The accident between Max verstappen Y Lewis hamilton, which cost the Red Bull race in the past Grand Prix of Great Britain, It will be analyzed again by the FIA ​​stewards on Thursday, at the request of the Dutchman’s team.

As reported on Tuesday by the official F1 website, the request for a review of Red bull is registered, who do not accept the penalty of 10 seconds that English had. Hamilton also won the race and being 33 points behind the leader Verstappen was eight.

Both staged a pulse to the limit at Silverstone until at the Copse curve, at 300 km / h, Verstappen wanted to get in from the outside and collided with the left front wheel of the Mercedes, getting thrown against the walls.

The Red Bull had to be taken to the hospital while Hamilton celebrated his victory. Energy drink team boss Christian Horner was furious, as was Verstappen himself, at the Englishman’s “aggressive” and unsportsmanlike attitude.

Now the FIA has summoned the two teams to a video conference on Thursday, in the pre- Hungarian Grand Prix, as Red Bull has reported that it has “new and relevant” evidence to ask the stewards for another sanction for Hamilton.


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